Monday, September 28, 2009

The Princess speaks

Well, as I was writing my last entry (about my, ahem, "Craftroom"), my visiting doggies were slightly annoyed that it is well past their bedtime and I am still up.

Not sure exactly when their "usual" bedtime is, but they have been "telling" me in no uncertain terms all week that it is somewhere around 9-10 ish at night.

How do they tell me? Well, by stomping their feet, grrrrring and ruffing at me, whining, yapping, pawing me and generally being "busy" to get my attention. Did I tell you they won't go out at night for their "last call" unless I go with them?! I guess they (Dusty and Holly) are worried that my guys will ambush them in the dark. Or they've just got me trained, lol (probably a little of both).

What are my resident dogs doing while all this is going on? Well, they're trying to be better-than-perfect, lol. Really. Not harassing or being impatient or underfoot or begging or... I figure when Holly and Dusty go home, they'll be doing all the above... in spades, lol.

So... as I sit at my 'puter, stalling, Holly is looking perkily at me and ruffing to get my attention. I want my bedtime cookie and I want it NOW is what she'd say if she could talk. How soon they find routines, lol.

Well, Holly, your wish is about to be granted you spoiled little princess [grin].

~ Shelley

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