Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Do ya think a winter coat might've helped?

12:10 a.m. phone rings. It's my eldest. He's finished work and "closed" and ready to go home (he lives on his own). Bus hasn't come. He's freezing, says he feels like an ice cube, lol. I believe him. It's -27 degrees celsius and dropping. Nevermind the "windchill". Where are you, I say, and I'll come pick you up and take you home. Really? he says. And he called me because...?

So, I get dressed and off I go to pick him up. He's shivering in the bus shelter and looking rather pathetic, and yes, like an ice cube. He's wearing a thin hoodie over his t-shirt and jeans. No hat, no gloves, no boots, no winter coat. Where's your coat? At home, he says. He didn't think he'd be that cold or standing outside for any length of time. Geesh. Youth.

He warms up quickly in the car as the heat is on full, I take him home through the whited out night (visibility sometimes dangerously low due to all the blowing snow and the moisture icing over on the roads) and he's happy. Thanks, Mom. Yup, I'd do it again.

~ Shelley

Saturday, December 26, 2009

December in review

Whew, I have been negligent in posting (as pointed out by my wonderful husband) and thought I'd try to make a synopsis of the month. December just zoomed by me.

After fighting with my surface, I completed the Bobbie Takashima Santa for my husband's secretary. I am quite pleased with it. It's a lovely piece. I had problems (again) with the mdf surface and the JoSonja paints. I'm thinking it's the "type" of mdf. I liken the particular piece to masonite. The paint seemed to stay active and just "slide" despite glazing layers etc. (I had this same problem in June with a piece on the same type of surface that I did with Sharon McNamara Black). It finally cured and I completed and varnished the piece. Apparently the recipient loved it. Gives me a nice glow. Now to finish my own, lol.

My youngest went to a work party. Imbibed a little too much... again. Picture a young bull moose ping-ponging up the driveway and into the house, lol. Needless to say, his dad and I had little sympathy when he was a little green the next morning and talking to the commode, lol. We just relayed that we hoped this wouldn't become a habit and was just a "rite of youthful passage".

Held a full turkey dinner for my painting group executive members. We had a great time. I gave them each personalized brush roll-ups and a collapsible water bucket and they gifted me with a most awesome giftcard to the art store, DeSerres. Yippee Skippee! I love an excuse to go shopping!

I had a card making day for a couple friends and we made the TriShutter cards and had lunch and fun catching up.

Mother-in law will be 80 on New Year's Day so with the help of my sister-in-law, we prepared a couple of display boards of pictures and then I created a small album with the pictures and it can be added to with family pictures and photos from the planned party. Hope she likes it.

Christmas shopping took up a good part of the month. A lot of fruitless trips and searches, but ultimately success and everyone had a great day. Especially me...

My husband SPOILED me (again). No complaints. I love it. He is the most caring, generous, thoughtful, loving guy I know. He's mine. I say all this not because I know he will read this, but because it is true.

My very SPECIAL, FAVOURITE gift? He created a book from one of the online book creators. The theme? My beloved shelties through the years with little captions throughout. Wow. I was so touched. It is beautiful and a real treasure - for what it holds and for the thought that went into this touching, priceless gift. Wow. Yes, hubby is a keeper.

Of course I received other gifts, charms for my bracelet, Trans-Siberian Orchestra CD's (love the instrumental music), scrapbooking stuff, battery operated Ott-Light, magazines, giftcards, toiletries, a cool red high heel tape dispenser, chocolate... a lot more goodies.

My youngest gave me a McDonald's giftcard and a really cute little welcome dog figurine. My oldest gave me a small replica of the Roman Coliseum (he and his girlfriend visited Rome in early December) and a beautiful sheltie figurine. He went over the top and both my boys were so thoughtful.

We had dinner with my parents and brother and his family and my aunt at a downtown restaurant. That way no one has kitchen duties and we can go back to my parents for coffee and a leisurely gift exchange and more visiting.

Of course a couple days were taken up with grooming dogs (visiting dogs - a "tad" bit of hair, lol), driving my neighbour to her radiation treatments, visiting friends, giving my parents' cats their "pedicure" , visiting family, baking cookies for home and hubby's work, doctor appointments...

The dogs got dressed up by my youngest (ya, I know he's 18 but...). Not sure they were completely happy about it but they were good sports and one is still roaming the house with a "jingle" collar on. Poor things.

So... that is a little bit (well, okay... a lot) of the last few weeks. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and wishing you all the very best for a happy and blessed New Year.

~ Shelley

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dog day afternoon

Well, it started innocently enough. I'd planned to get some painting done (I'm a class behind as I missed last week and am painting a Bobbie Takashima Santa), laundry and start cleaning up the diningroom from my cardmaking extravaganza (okaaaay... CHAOS, lol).

However, I've been experiencing some computer problems and decided I better download and offload a whackload of files and extraneous "stuff". Holy hannah that takes time. Did I tell you I've always hated "filing"? Well, it rates right up there.

So, the dogs, sensing I was not going to play, pet or otherwise entertain them, settled in at my feet. Three literally touching and two on the soft couch. Yup, right couch potatoes they are. The pic shows Molson in his favourite position. Totally lacking in any inhibitions, lol. That's our Molson.

The mailman brought a welcomed s'prise for me! Yup, my stamps from Impression Obsession! Yippee skippee! They're awesome. However did I miss that company? I got three chickadees and a various assortment of Christmas stamps. Super price, super service and super product. I'm a happy camper. Cards tomorrow after painting class!

~ Shelley