Monday, September 28, 2009

The Princess speaks

Well, as I was writing my last entry (about my, ahem, "Craftroom"), my visiting doggies were slightly annoyed that it is well past their bedtime and I am still up.

Not sure exactly when their "usual" bedtime is, but they have been "telling" me in no uncertain terms all week that it is somewhere around 9-10 ish at night.

How do they tell me? Well, by stomping their feet, grrrrring and ruffing at me, whining, yapping, pawing me and generally being "busy" to get my attention. Did I tell you they won't go out at night for their "last call" unless I go with them?! I guess they (Dusty and Holly) are worried that my guys will ambush them in the dark. Or they've just got me trained, lol (probably a little of both).

What are my resident dogs doing while all this is going on? Well, they're trying to be better-than-perfect, lol. Really. Not harassing or being impatient or underfoot or begging or... I figure when Holly and Dusty go home, they'll be doing all the above... in spades, lol.

So... as I sit at my 'puter, stalling, Holly is looking perkily at me and ruffing to get my attention. I want my bedtime cookie and I want it NOW is what she'd say if she could talk. How soon they find routines, lol.

Well, Holly, your wish is about to be granted you spoiled little princess [grin].

~ Shelley

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Organized chaos

Well, I thought I should come clean... seeing as my craft area is not, lol.

I mentioned on the ToleFriends list that maybe we should share pics of our craftrooms. Horrors! The reason I mentioned this was because we're currently running a Tips Contest and from the sounds of some of these tips, I'm thinkin' the submitters must have the most organized craft/painting areas imaginable. I mean, really, I can think of all kinds of things to MAKE my creative space more manageable, but to actually implement them? So... I wouldn't post the ideas because someone might challenge me on them (especially those that know me [giggle]).

But... despite what my husband and non-creative people might think, I live in organized chaos, lol. I mostly know where EVERYthing is... just don't move the piles [grin].

So... I'm going to be one of the first to show a pic of my horribly cluttered craft area in the hopes that it will make some of my other list friends feel less guilty about their own. Hey, we're not all organized. I mean, my intentions are good and I do try to put things back where they belong, but then I get working on 1, 2... 6 projects at a time and... well, it just grows legs, lol. And of course, I do have a "life" (family, internet family/computer, dogs, crafting, friends, errands, painting associations/positions held, working for a friend at painting conventions, gardening, housework *cough, cough, sputter*...).

So... much as it will take away from my creative time, I am going to make every attempt to try to wrestle my craft area back into some semblance of order. I will not promise any "date", but I am going to go down there (it's in the basement) daily for the next while and work on it bits at a time. Hopefully I won't keep you waiting too long for the "after" picture.

My husband would love to have the kitchen table and diningroom back to their intended uses. Me? Well, honestly, they're little-used areas anyway, right? I'm re-purposing them, lol. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!.

~ Shelley

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jury's in

Well, as I said I would do, I did some "homework", lol. I experimented with the DecoArt Glass Stain and the Ranger Glossy Accents.

I haven't finished my painted piece yet. Not 'til next week. But I thought I should try the different "glass" effects I had before I experimented on my finished piece.

So... to get the "glass ball" effect, I've decided that the Ranger Glossy Accents or the Triple Thick Brush-on will work best for what I need it for (the clear Christmas balls that the little bears are inside on Holly Hanley's Happy Holidays design).

The clear Glass Stain by DecoArt worked, but... it is very liquidy (is that a real word, lol?) so you cannot move the piece AT ALL until it sets up. However, it is also very flexible, so on canvas or another surface that had some "give", it wouldn't crack. That could be an advantage.

The Glossy Accents by Ranger is thicker and sets-up faster so isn't as temperamental. It gives a more 3D effect. However, when dry, if you flex the piece (I experimented on thick paper), it will crack. This could pose a problem on canvas. However, I will be using the product on a wood surface.

The advantage with both the above products over the DecoArt Texture Glass and Triple Thick is that they are self-levelling and can be used directly from the nozzle of the paint bottle and the area just "swooped" across and filled in. The Texture Glass and Triple Thick must be brushed on and are less forgiving if you over-work them.

So... for this particular piece, I would say that the Glossy Accents by Ranger or the Triple Thick are clear winners because of their more 3D effect and less inclination to "slide" and move once applied to the area you want the desired effect. I'll try the Texture Glass at a later date.

~ Shelley

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


def'n: To obtain or try to obtain by begging

see: Dusty (lol)


Now, my dogs know that they are not supposed to counter-surf (even tho' they cannot, technically, reach the counter; unlike a large dog) or beg in the kitchen. The guests know this too, however, they push the envelope, lol. And this is also where that "selective hearing", the seniors have, comes into play.

Whenever I'm working in the kitchen, my girl, Holly (guest along with Dusty), is right under me between the counter and my legs. Something might drop dontcha know [grin]. Dusty lies perfectly directly behind me as I might turn and drop something (and there's no room for him with said sister under me). If I turn away from the counter or cross the room, his snout is immediately in the air as he walks around the perimeter of the counter surfaces huffing the air for a whiff of food. Poor underfed and starving creature (ya, right). My crew of 5 usually hangs back and waits for me to send them scurrying from the room with a firm "out". If no such word leaves my lips, they close the circle until I do say something - usually from severe claustrophobia [chuckle].

The attached pic shows Dusty at his best. Now how can you resist thaaaaaat face?! Easy... 'cause if you give in, you've lost the war, lol, and a PACK of hungry dogs will descend upon you.

Today I had my weekly painting class. We're working on the Holly Hanley piece titled Happy Holidays. It's of little bears inside glass Christmas balls. Too cute.

The glass ball effect is done with Triple Thick brush-on varnish as the last step on the balls. You can also use the Glossy Accents by Ranger (a scrapbooking medium) and this will give a raised glass effect. I think the DecoArt Clear Glass Stain might also work (and maybe even the Texture Glass). It's amazing how many "different", but the "same" products there are. I will try the Glass Stain to see if it'll also work and report back here and to my class.

~ Shelley

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ron and Maggie... this one's for you

Well, I know you're in Paris "pining" away for your furkids (you better not be... you'd better be enjoying that Parisien air and countryside, lol), so... here's a pic of your furkids with "the Gang".

From left to right top row: Dusty, Molson, Hunter, Domino, 'Squeak and Holly
Middle row: Shimmer
From left to right bottom row: Whisper and Checkers

Dusty and Domino are littermates (full brother and sister), age 13
Dusty, Domino, Checkers (12) and Holly (13) are all half brothers/sisters as they have the same sire (Dad, lol)
Hunter is Checkers "mom" (you can see the family resemblance)
Shimmer and Molson are from Whisper and are full brother and sister from different litters
'Squeak is Shimmer's pup.

So... now you know .

~ Shelley

Monday, September 21, 2009

One of these "things" is not like the others...

Heeheehee, and then there were EIGHT! Well, only for a few hours, lol.

Sheba (top middle) came for grooming this morning so it was an opportunity to show everyone that all the dogs can be well-behaved and obedient. I just point at the steps and tell each one to get up and find a spot and they do. Only one problem, to get them all to look at the camera at the same time .

Ten pics or so later (ya, they basically stayed that whole time apart from a couple deciding they weren't sitting anymore, lol) and squealing all sorts of noises to get ears up and attention on me (thank goodness the neighbours on either side of me are at work )... got one decent one.

Five of the eight dogs are "seniors" so their hearing is very dulled. Whisper is 12 (the golden one in the middle of the middle row); Dusty (top left) and Holly (middle left) are 13; Sheba (middle top) is about 14, I think; and my Hunter (bottom right) is 14. Shimmer is 6 (top right); Molson is 5 (middle right); and Pipsqueak ('Squeak for short) is 4 and the one bottom row left.

Tomorrow, Dusty's littermate, Domino, and Checkers come for their grooming. Will try to get a pic but it's s'posed to rain. Domino is a tri-colour sheltie and has always been one of my favourites. She's a little pistol. 'Squeak is very like her.

~ Shelley

Saturday, September 19, 2009

And then there were... SEVEN!

Yup... SEVEN shelties in my house.

Dusty and Holly have come for their getaway whilst their parents jet-away to Paris for a special holiday.

So now I have 4 senior dogs in the house. Should be interesting trying to call them in from the great outdoors. Some of it's selective hearing as they do tune us out when they're wanting some extra freedom, but most of it is the effects of the aging process as certain sounds aren't as audible to them anymore. Betcha I won't have a problem calling them for dinner tho', lol.

Both of the visiting dogs are sweeties (as are their owners) and have been coming here since they were pups. Dusty is just a goofy male. Nothing bugs him as he lumbers his way around and under your hand for petting. Holly is the "princess" and expects the respect due her station, lol. She is also a master manipulator. As a young pup that we were weaning, she went on a food strike. As the rest of her littermates were chowing down on mash, she was figuratively crossing her arms and refusing anything but good ol' mom. She ended up literally making herself sick at about 5 weeks old. I was thunderstruck and after checking her over couldn't believe where my thoughts were going... a weanling actually "thinking" and "on strike"? A quick visit to the vet and a goodly bill later showed nothing wrong... my instincts WERE correct!... just stubbornness... a sign of things to come, lol.

To this day, you cannot make her do anything she doesn't want. When her owners are present, she is glued to them and she will shake and give a look that says "don't leave me". Guilts them she does. They leave and the sunny disposition comes out and she becomes my shadow, my bud. The other dogs are just nuisances and silly to her way of thinking. She literally lifts her nose and looks down on them as they run and play and do their antics. Funny Holly.

The two visitors are so good and so used to life here that we don't even notice the increase in numbers 'til you try to maneuver your way around them to get the remote control [grin].

I took a pic of all of 'em on the back steps. Sun was too bright so they're a little "squinty-eyed", lol. It's just the best spot to "tier" them for photos.

~ Shelley

Friday, September 18, 2009

The best laid plans...

Well, I had every intention of posting regularly and tell you my experiences at the Paint-In Alberta (PIA) Convention in Edmonton. However, time and TIREDness got in the way, lol.

What was I thinking?!

I'll try to encapsulate my week.

Some scrapbook industry techniques are making there way into our Decorative Painting. Hey, why fight it, lol? Willow has long incorporated some scrapbook papers and stencilling/stamping into her pieces. Now we find Glimmer Mists and Glimmer Screens and seed beads (yes... I said SEED BEADS) appearing in some of the Artist's designs. Tracy Moreau is using glass stains and seed beads. Yes, I "had" to pick up a couple of these supplies and the packet to go along with them. Can't wait to try the technique and "show n' tell" at my guild.

This was a very small show. Probably only a couple hundred registrants. There was only about a dozen booths. Cozy. Divine's Designs (Diane Bunker was in this booth); Getsons Woodworking from Nova Scotia; Hearts Delight (Lorraine Fletcher, owner - Doxie Keller shared this booth); Heather Redick; Holly Hanley; Multi-Art/Scharff Brushes (where you could also find Moe Shier and Tracy Moreau); Paint for Joy; Shorthorn Arts Studio (Diana Steer - oils); Adrienne Weightman (Scratch Art); Gladys Neilsen; Wendy Fahey; and Willow Wolfe. A few artists shared booth space with some of the Exhibitors.

Gladys Neilsen brought along a beautiful canvas banner that was circulated so that we might write our "best wishes" on it to Joan Dixon who is currently battling cancer.

There was a demo area that ran daily with demos on the hour and Cash & Carry Classes on Saturday.

The girls who run C2C Events did a great job organizing and keeping things running smoothly.

The catalog for the Coast to Coast Convention in Mississauga (April 28-May 2, 2010) was released at the PIA show and garnered a lot of interest. I imagine I'll be "working the show" so won't have a lot of time to take in any classes, but ya never know .

It was busy and fun running the booth for Willow and I look forward to doing it again and again and again... I really enjoy getting to the conventions and schmoozing even if it's hard work setting-up and taking-down a booth (inventorying - ARGH!). Maybe I can even occasionally go a couple days ahead of a show and check out a few sites. Ya neva know. I love Willow and her art and don't have the slightest hesitation recommending her as a knowledgeable and friendly teacher. And I'm really excited with the new Princeton Art Brushes she has had a hand in designing. The price-point is bang on and they are real workhorses and a bargain for our industry. Debbie Cotton, Donna Scully, Lydia Steeves and Holly Hanley have also been using these brushes and are promoting them in their classes. I heard a lot of really positive feedback from attendees at the show.

Sunday afternoon was a blur of inventorying and packing up followed by a relaxing meal at Earl's (gosh I wish we had this chain restaurant around here - LOVE the warm potato salad and pan bread!) and a few drinks. I got to sleep in Monday morning and then wandered around Edmonton 'til the afternoon when I caught a shuttle to the airport and made my tired way home.

~ Shelley

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Smooth Criminal?

That's what I felt like on Monday as I went through Airport Security at Edmonton. I wasn't upset or worried, afterall, it's for our own safety that we have these measures, just couldn't believe the inconsistencies and/or more thoroughness through the different airports I've been through the last month.

I wear a sterling silver bracelet. We all know that jewellery will often set off the sensors at the airports. No biggie, the airport security are well aware of this and check pretty thoroughly. Case in point, American Customs last month at the Ottawa airport. They just have you hold your arms out like your flying, lol, and re-scan. Go ahead, m'am. Airport Security through Ohio... take off your jewellery and put it in the dish to go through the scanner. Whatever. No biggie. Through these two checkpoints, all that went off was my bracelet.

Airport Security at Ottawa on my trip out to Edmonton. Only bracelet "rings the bells". Go ahead, m'am.

Fast forward to Edmonton. Those wands make EVERYthing go off. Yup. Underwire bra, studs on pants (same pants I've worn through previous checkpoints), metal ring on shirt, every piece of jewellery I have on...

And the purse! The purse that's been through every checkpoint so far. They put it through the scanner x-rays THREE TIMES! They emptied it out. They turned it just about upside down and well... tossed almost everything in it out into a bucket. I stood there, patiently waiting (now there's an oxymoron), for about 10-15 minutes. Now there's a good example of WHY you need to show up EARLY for your flight, lol. I grinned evilly as the poor young man gingerly removed lady's products, heeheehee. Some poetic justice with that. He certainly looked amazed with the amount of "stuff" coming out of a lady's purse. You'd think after all this time the s'prise wouldn't show in his face. Maybe he's a newbie to lady's purses. Whatever, finally, finding nothing... they let me go. I will never be able to find anything in that purse again, lol.

The rest of my flight was uneventful and comfortable. I got the aisle seat on both flights home and an empty seat in the middle. Both seatmates were polite and friendly. The time passed quickly catching up on t.v. shows with the little t.v.'s in the headrests. Boeing 737's are much more to my liking.

~ Shelley

What's with thaaaat?

Well, have been home for a few days now. Got in at midnight on Monday night from Edmonton. Tuesday was pretty good; Wednesday I hit a wall, lol, and here I still am, firmly embedded in that wall.

When I was in Edmonton, I didn't seem to be able to get to sleep much before midnight (which would've been 2 am Ottawa time); however, I darn well woke up at Ottawa time every single morning. So 7 am Ottawa time was 5 am wake up time in Edmonton! Follow?

I was SOOOOOO sleep deprived and running on fumes, but having so much fun (I probably do better on nervous energy and feeding off the energy of a show anyway).

Figured I'd be able to "sleep in" when I got home 'cause it'd be like "rolling the clock forward" (?) for daylight savings - only I'd gain 2 hours. No such luck. I seem to be waking up earlier... 6:30 am Ottawa time which works out to 4:30 am Edmonton time. Geesh. My body clock is totally discombobulated. I wanna sleeeeep - properly [grin]. Oh well, nap later.

I'll write a little bit more later about the show and my experiences.

~ Shelley

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Paint-In Alberta

Game on!

Well, I made my flight with plenty of time to spare on Thursday. My wonderful neighbour, Loretta, drove me to the airport. It's so nice to have friends like that who you can count on and so willingly offer to help.

The flight was 4 hours in a Boeing 737 (via Westjet). Seats about 120 passengers with 3 seats on either side of the aisle. I had the window seat and decided it was rather comfortable for a couple reasons: you had something to lean against and didn't have to get up all the time to let your seatmates out. The view while it was light was pretty cool too. I sat beside a pleasant arab gentleman and his elderly mother. At one point, he moved to another open seat so she could curl up and sleep on the two seats. She was such a sweetie, worried when she bumped me and oh-so-appreciative when I was fine with it and told her (through him as she spoke no English) that she could even lean against me. While it was a tight fit, it was a pleasant 4 hour flight.

I was able to catch the Sky Shuttle from the airport to the Radisson Hotel. I had a very friendly and knowledgeable driver and 20 minutes past quickly (and at half the price a cab would've been). I was the only passenger as had caught the driver on his way back for his downtown to airport round trip.

I didn't get in 'til almost 10 pm Edmonton time (midnight my time) and was exhausted. Quickly caught up with Willow and then called it a night.

Friday's wake-up call came far too soon. I think I'd probably just nodded off when the 6 am call came. Argh. I was downstairs, continental breakfast (fruits, juice, muffins, toast, etc. and LOTS of coffee, lol) and to Willow's classroom by 7:10 am. Spent most of the morning helping out with class sales and running to and from the Exhibit Hall and reception hunting down stock and setting up the booth. Lunch break at 2 ish and back to the grind and ready to open for 4 pm 'til 8 pm for registrants of the show.

This is a very small show. Probably only about a couple hundred registrants and maybe a dozen exhibitors. Sales and "traffic" were slow but it was still a great time visiting with the painters, fellow exhibitors, artists/designers/teachers and friends.

I managed a short time off and swung through the booths and picked up a few items. I also spent some time in fascination at Adrienne Weightman's booth watching her do her Scratch Art (an old art form that is showing a great resurgence and interest especially amongst decorative artists). Her packets were lovely. So detailed and such a simple and low-cost art. Tempting... But no, I haven't succumbed to that temptation yet.

Well, I must turn-in as tomorrow is almost here and the morning will be here much too soon. The Exhibit Hall opens from 10 am to 5 pm Saturday. It'll be a long day then helping out Willow and maybe Debbie Cotton for their classes in the evening.

My one disappointment so far? I have not been able to touch base with my better half because of the miles between us (he still in Germany) and time difference. Did send a text and an email tho' so hopefully he knows I'm safe and sound and happy but missing him.

~ Shelley

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's all about the optics...

So... here I sit, mid-afternoon on the 10th with nothing to do but rest, lol. When I looked at this scenario a couple of days ago, I was overwhelmed with all that needed to be done before I could leave for Paint-In Alberta.

Tuesday I had a meeting, Wednesday I had a painting class and running around to do for my college-bound son, dogs to drop off at my girlfriend's, laundry, packing, eye appointment for the college-bound son...

Wednesday evening I was getting to the list when a friend dropped in. I just couldn't turn her away, she needed to visit - and so did I (she is in the middle of cancer treatments and I've been dropping off meals for the family)... this was a good day and time for her. Her energy levels were flagging but spirits still buoyant after chemo last week and one more chemo treatment to go. No biggie. She wanted to thank me for the meals I've been dropping off (the least I can do for a friend). Was a nice visit and I said to myself "what gets done gets done". I actually needed this down time for just focusing on someone else and getting caught up with them. Felt so good and relaxed afterwards. Then off to drop dogs off for their "getaway", lol.

Now, at 2 in the afternoon... packing is done, groceries done, son has had his eye appointment, 4 loads of laundry have been completed and put away... and I'm breathing easy(er), lol. Now I can just putz and play for a few hours 'til my ride comes to take me to the airport (awesome neighbour has volunteered).

Ooooops, one last thing after this post... gotta do a quick write-up to submit to our painting guild's newsletter by tomorrow! That I can do.

So... update on my squinty-eyed son: his eyes are perfect. Yes, I said PERFECT! Yippee Skippee! Problem? Lack of sleep and resting said eyes. Lecture from optician, sigh of relief from son who did NOT want glasses (but methinks he secretly doth protest too much, lol) and BIG sigh of relief from Mom. So glad I persisted and called around 'til I could get him in somewhere. Now we know and it is a welcome relief. Would've worried about him 'til we could see an eye doctor because you sure don't want to be struggling with new classes and also having vision problems.

So, took him to lunch, then Future Shop to get an extended warranty for his new IPod Touch, got an extra credit because it had come down in price since last week (another yippee) and then home. Whew. I'm exhausted thinking of all that's been done in this short week while hubby's away.

Oh ya, my arm is healing. Doesn't hurt as it was a third degree burn and I'd obviously damaged the nerve ends, looks horrible, but it's healing nicely. I have some special non-stick pads and gauze to wrap it with while I'm away to make sure I keep the dirt out. I've tended it well, lol, with antibiotic cream and cleaning.

I'll try to give you an update on the show when I can make time. Might not be 'til I get home. Okay, off to do that write-up, clean up the yard and put some dishes away!

~ Shelley

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One more sleep!

Well, one more sleep and I'm off for my newest adventure. Paint-in Alberta.

I'm excited... and exhausted. Today I went to painting class for a couple hours to discuss ideas of what we'd like to get up to in our weekly class. Okay... we never reach a consensus, lol, but we have fun. Usually there are 2 to 3 projects on the go (sometimes more). And dollars to donuts, that project that someone turned down and now see being done... well, they want it too [grin].

I left our get-together (more like a social after "summer recess") to get home and pick-up my son to take to college. We needed to pick up another book that'd been missed in our first book run and that he had to have for this Friday, and it had to be done BEFORE his noon class. Whew. Also got the screen protector for his netbook. Hopefully we're done for now. 'Cept I hear from other parents that you're never done paying, lol.

Then I did a couple other errands and headed home. Got a few things done, but no packing yet. 'Course now I'm starting to panic 'cause I have a couple appointments tomorrow and I'll need to be home (and packed) before 5:30 pm to get to the airport. Oi vey, talk about leaving stuff to the last minute. Will also need to run the dogs out to my friend's tonight.

Said son informed me the other day that he was having trouble reading the overheads at college. Argh. We'd had a conversation awhile back about booking an optometrist appointment. No way, he argued, my eyes are fine and I'm NOT wearing glasses and I'm not going. Geesh. Well, I can see if I cup my fingers around my eyes and squint, he says. Argh. So now we're racing to try to fit him in somewhere 'cause he's feeling a tad sheepish. Well, I finessed one for tomorrow before his afternoon classes. It'll be tight for me, but it's got to be done. At least the process started. Does he or doesn't he, lol? Glasses or no.

So... understandably, I'm feeling a bit of pressure...

In fact, as I write this... I'm being tasked with measuring and cutting the darn screen protector, finding a darn end for the compressor so he can inflate his bike tires (just go ask the neighbours, lol), and a myriad other things that I'm tuning out (shhhh, don't tell him). Ya, okay... it's nice to be needed. When can I go drop the dogs off and get a bit of a break [smile]?

~ Shelley

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hyped, hyper, hyperactive...

He's home, lol. And in the door like a whirlwind.

Bouncing is an understatement. My 18 year old, in his words, is "hyped".

Did he have a good day? Sure. Why are you so "hyped"? Two free energy drinks, one after the other he says. Oh, boy... and I'm home alone with him. Think I'd like to smack whoever is handing out "free" energy drinks and hooking our children [chuckle].

Is he hungry? Nope, just real thirsty. He also had 3 huge slices of pizza at the cafeteria. Geesh.

Bounce, bounce, bounce some more. Not sure if my house structure can handle this. He's not a small child anymore.

More rapid-fire information about his day. Not sure I caught all of it, but, hey, he's communicating. New hard-drive (part of the course and fees we already handed over); he's one of the youngest, if not "the" youngest in most of his courses - says that's "weird" and he feels so much smarter, lol; they couldn't put hard-drives together - he's feeling superior, lol; squirrels fighting (not sure if this was the energy drink talking, lol - no actually, saw a squabble between 3 of the little furry fiends on site while waiting between classes. An interesting and notable part of his day obviously, lol); number of pages he can print per term and being careful not to leave your account logged on so others don't "use your quota" ...

So... I asked him about the t.v. Geesh, maybe I shouldn't have, should've just pretended I was too sore to get up and could he just turn it on for me, lol. Huge "hyped" explanation of "the box" being on and the t.v. not and how you can trick it by covering the remote and pushing buttons or push the buttons manually on the t.v. and/or the box and... just turn the t.v. on for me pretty please [chuckle].

Then I got a lesson on the different parts of the hard-drive and cables and power supply and... testing me on what types of cables (sata and usb and...) and transferring capabilities and... And oh ya, the math is going to be a cakewalk (ya... right).

Okay, ya, my head is spinning, lol. But I love the little (big) guy. Oh ya... he's been home for the better part of an hour now and hasn't stopped... talking or moving, lol. He's walking back and forth, to and fro, up and down... and the volume. No kill switch, lol.

See what you're missing hubby? You owe me. Love ya and miss ya!

~ Shelley

Wait 'til your ... son (?!) gets home?!

The t.v. hates me. Electronics hate me. What happened to the good ol' days when you actually went up to the instrument of torture in question and just hit a button and ... voila, it magically came to life?

We have a new(ish) t.v. Ya, some bells and whistles. The darn H.D. box etc. and ... it's temperamental. I was quite happy pre-cable/digital t.v. and with only channels 1 thru 20. Now we can jump to 500 and get full screen (I'm also quite happy with little black vertical bars on either side of the screen, lol. Just blends in with the colour of the frame). Sometimes it needs to be finessed, sometimes... it just needs a man, to understand all those fancy buttons and commands on the remote, lol.

Today is one of those times.

Now... those that know me, know I hardly ever turn the t.v. on, but when I want to... I want it now. All I wanted to do was watch the news while I cooked dinner, but no, it wouldn't oblige me. So... here I sit and wait for my son to come home from his first very loooooong day at college. I'll try not to let the first words outta my mouth be... fix the t.v. (please). I'll try to ask him how his day was and if I can get him some dinner...

So, meanwhile, I'll just make my dinner and go upstairs to the t.v. without bells and whistles and hope it turns on.

~ Shelley

Monday, September 7, 2009

Me complain?

My friend called to tell me she fixed the problem I was complaining about.

Me complain? Not normally, so I was a tad confused (okay, confused is a normal state for me... more confused?).

So... I asked if I'd really been so bad and negative. She said "no" but I should now be happy and don't you get it yet? Hmmmm.

More clues followed (you'd have to know this friend - her blondness and my confused state mightn't be considered a reasonable combination, lol). Was she being "clear"? Hello... I'm calling you?


Oh! The phone! She got a new phone!? Well, yes... 'cause I complained. No, I didn't I said, I'd just tell her to stay still and stop moving when she called so I could hear her through the static [chuckle].

All good things come to those who wait. Or something to that effect. I was reminded of yesterday's above conversation when said friend called to say she was running late for our scrapbook craft time. She asked again "how she sounded", lol.

So... we had set a time of 2 pm so we could both get some things done around the house on this warm summer day (ya... I said summer, 'cause that's what it finally feels like). Needless to say, she called just after 2 to say she got sidetracked and asked if I ever had one of those days. Always, Karen, always. We're two peas in a pod, lol.

So, Karen arrived, two dogs in tow for their playdate with mine while we played with scrapbook papers. She also, considerate and thoughtful soul that she is, brought me one of her larger suitcases to use this week. Yes! Now I can pack the extra supplies I need for the booth.

We spent a delightful afternoon choosing papers for the small album she wanted to make for her son's grad. I'd picked up a BoBunny Word Album "Grade" and we just removed the "E". I'd re-printed, cropped and re-sized some pictures that I had borrowed from her quite a while ago and she had a grand time cutting up and using just 'bout EVERYone for the album, lol. In between her apologizing for "taking up my time" [GEESH! It was SOOOO nice just to sit and visit and not feel I HAD to do anything - sometimes we just try to do too much and fit too much in], we visited and laughed and caught up on life. She really is one of the nicest people I know.

Well, by the end of the afternoon, Karen had a totally awesome, complete album to either keep for herself , or as I told her, give to her son on "permanent loan", lol. She was thrilled and I think she'd do this again. I know I would.

~ Shelley

Note to self... don't do that!

Well, first off... note to husband: I'm fine. Really. Feeling a tad stupid(er), but fine.

I decided to get a few things done 'round the house today. Couple loads of laundry in, scrapbook stuff out ready for my friend to arrive, lunch (quick frozen burger on the barby works for me, lol)... oh, grass, I'd like to cut the grass in the backyard so I can find the dogs [smile].

No biggie. Hubby doesn't like me doing it. Says it's not my "job". I really don't mind doing it as with the gas mower, it's quick and painless. Well... as you will hear... that's relative, lol.

Picked up the yard and checked for "foreign objects/missiles". Then changed to my hubby's "yard shoes" and primed the lawnmower in preparation to pulling that darn cord (the only hard part of the job, lol). Left dogs out as they know when it's me at the controls to back off and behave. With hubby, they'll just charge the mower, heeheehee. They were well-behaved and stayed on the patio the whole time (sorry, honey, but the boss rules!).

I'm less careful than my better half (on a lot of things - to my detriment [said sheepishly]). They're my plants/gardens in the backyard so if I kinda take out a few of the flora other than the unruly grass, well so be it. No biggie.

Job accomplished in record time and I turn off the mower. Oh look, a big phystostegia (obedient plant that's not, lol. Obedient that is) tangled in the left front wheel. Lean down to carefully pull it free (yes, I know the mower will be hot so I think I'm being careful and watching the distance). Sizzle. Did you know that skin sizzles like a drop of water or oil on a hot surface? Yikes. Pull arm away and notice a quarter-size hole thru my skin on the soft, lower, inner arm. Ouch. March into house and put a huge dollop of aloe on wound. Oh well, it'll heal and I'll remember next time ... don't do that. My soft inner arm barely grazed the machinery (and I mean BARELY... the heat from the mower acted like a magnet and just wicked the skin towards the hot silver motor [?]).

So... feeling pretty good 'bout the lawn mowing job. Not so good 'bout the lesson learned. But I'm fine honey... really. Love ya! The picture shows the before and after. See how well I looked after it and how fast I heal?

~ Shelley

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Be careful what you say...

Heeheehee. Just got off the phone from talking to my soulmate (husband). Just had to call and hear his voice. He went for a walk in Frankfurt this afternoon. Turned down a "wrong" street, lol (so he says)... hot looking "call" girl dragged him into one of the shops and wanted her way with him. That's his story and he's stickin' to it. And he worries 'bout what friends "I" entertain at home when he's away .

There's a 6 hour time difference. That means 5 pm here is 11 pm there. Guess what I'll be doing with my afternoons for the next few days [wink]?!

He reads my blog so already knew that I was missing him. Gosh, I knew that, but... guess I better watch what I say about all the fun I'm having while he's away [grin].

His flight was uneventful and cushy. He flew on a Boeing 767. He gets "business class" (aka First Class on some flights). Beds, t.v., space, service... what more could a man want? Me... I just hope my flight on Thursday is in something bigger than a tuna can (sardine ?) this time.

Next Monday night is a long way away before I can see him again. Guess I'll hafta "make hay while the sun shines, lol".

~ Shelley

Are we there yet?

Well I tell you, the end of August, first part of September is always exhausting. Throw a couple extra events in and well, it's a free-for-all, lol. But, we're almost at the relax and sit back stage (ya, right).

Son #2 had his birthday on September 2. 18 years old already! Holy cats where does the time go? We have also been getting him ready for his first year of College and all that that entails (clothes, course registration [and payment!], book buying, bus passes and i.d.). Whew.

Bought our eldest a small apartment-size freezer so am off to buy some edibles to fill it with shortly (ya, the most important part - is this like buying someone a purse or wallet that you're s'posed to put a coin in? A knife or other sharp implement you're s'posed to include a coin for luck? - LOL).

Just took my better half to the airport yesterday for a business trip to Germany. Sigh, miss him already. I won't see him for a week and a half 'cause I'm off in another direction this week. Hope he can fit in some fun, though. Germany is a beautiful place and the beer...

So... four more sleeps and I'm off to another painting convention to help out. Where this time? Well, the Paint-in Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta. It's a very small show by show standards but I'm really looking forward to it and will report on my experiences later.

Tomorrow I'm hoping my friend can come over as I'd planned to help her put together a small "word album" for her son's graduation last year. We'll have fun (and yes, I'll be able to find a clear spot to work, lol... the diningroom table. Where else?).

Tuesday I have a meeting, Wednesday my painting class to make decisions for what we want to get into this year/season and Thursday I guess I better pack fast 'cause my flight leaves about 7 pm.

Oh gosh. Tons of stuff to do.

~ Shelley