Friday, February 25, 2011

A long goodbye

Well, yesterday I decided it was "the" day.

As mentioned, once Hunter's body decided to age, it was a rapid decline. My once perpetual puppy was decidedly old. Her body was not co-operating. She had more bad days than good days. She was always known for the smile on her face. She wasn't smiling like she used to. Last week I decided it was a day-to-day. Stop greeting me I said with a lopsided smile. Stop following me. Stop bouncing up the stairs from outside (with a hitch in her step, but my once bouncy dog continued with a little spring in her step - she NEVER walked where she could run, and she continued to try to do so). Stop eating. Show me a "big" sign.

Wednesday night she was a little more restless. She went out to do her duty and got lost. I had to get her and guide her. She followed me around the kitchen for her bedtime treat but with less gusto and I had to hold it in front of her and show her where it was; however, she did snap it up when she found it. I figured I'd call the vet the next morning. She lay in "different than usual" spots in the downstairs area; this was unusual. Apparently she went out for hubby in the morning but was even more lost and confused. When I got up she was lying in another "different than usual" area. She went out for me and when she came in, she just couldn't seem to get warm. She had tremors.

I gave her some juicy treats. She snapped them up. But I knew it was time and called my favourite vet. Hated to keep getting him to "do the dirty" on my dogs, but... he made it easier for all of us.

Hunter and I spent our last hours together. I locked out the other dogs and just pet and cuddled and treated my shadow of many years. When I took her to the vet's for the last time, we were both more than ready. It was time. I gave her a few
more special treats and the vet was s'prised at her appetite... and the strength of her vital organs even tho' her body was betraying her. She was very peaceful and, I do believe, thankful. She had a good life and she rested with her favourite person by her side. No tears. It was a good time and we had the best of times. I know she's running and jumping and yapping up a storm at the Rainbow Bridge. She was always the happiest, friendliest and smiliest dog I ever had or met... I hope she's smiling again.