Friday, December 3, 2010

Don't ask how long


The actual card took no time at all. The process of "ripping off masks and applying glitter"... well, let's just say, it's not a dollar card, lol. It's priceless .


Torture by any other name

Cruel and unusual punishment, make work project. Call it what you will, lol.

So why am I doing it? Maybe just to say "I can"?!

What am I talking about? Well... I've been cardmaking/crafting again. Went to a friend's yesterday. We'll call her the Glitter Queen, lol. That girl loves all that glitters. Made four cards. EVERYone had glitter of some sort. So... having learned a couple new techniques, I decided to play today.

Whew, gotta be patient (and/or certifiable). These are a LOT of work. You take a sheet of foil outline stickers, cut some "transfer tape" (makes a reverse image) and burnish the transfer tape to the sticker of choice, lift EVERYTHING (positive outline and negative "insides") onto the transfer tape, get some double-sided sticky sheet and put a suitably-sized piece onto cardstock, lift the protective top sheet, and burnish the sticker from the transfer tape onto the sticky sheet. Now comes the fun (ya, right, she says). Get some good tweezers and lift off portions of the stickers that are acting as "masks" and burnish some glitter onto the exposed portion with the fatty part of your finger pad. Repeat until it's all done to your satisfaction with multiple colours of glitter. Then you cut out the image and use it. Clear as mud? Easy-peasy she says.

I've definitely gone to the darkside. Me who is not a huge fan of glitter (the mess part, not the look, lol). Will now put my pieces together onto a card and post when done.