Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's that time again

What time? Well, painting convention time. This week I will drive to Mississauga for the Coast to Coast (C2C) Painting Convention and set-up and man (woman?) the booth for my friend, Willow.

Today is Easter Sunday. I will shortly put on a small turkey roast for the family. And then I will probably start to panic about what I DON'T have ready, lol. No list, no booth supplies gathered, no packing, no laundry done, piles that I had vowed to remove from my hubby's eyesight still there...

OMG...oodness! LOL! Well, I shall take a breath and handle what I can, as I can, and go away and have a damn good, but exhausting time, come back with a smile on my face and... knuckle in to everything I left undone . And life goes on. Oh, but I WILL get my nails done before I take off on Wednesday. Priorities, lol.


And then there were four...

Yup, it's, unbelievably, been almost 2 months since we said goodbye to Hunter. The dogs and I are moving on with life and making new paths. Whisper has become my shadow, Molson yappier, Shimmer and 'Squeak no noticeable change. I still occasionally find myself looking for Hunter. Counting dogs in and out and finding it hard not to count to five .

Whisper is 13 and I just took her into the vet to get some more arthritis medication for her. This time we'll try the Deramaxx rather than the Rimadyl to see if it offers a little more comfort. It's also s'posed to be a tad more cost-effective. Ya right, lol. At, still, $1.00 per day for a 30 pound dog... I thank goodness she is not a big newfoundlander, lol.

The visit to the vet. I have to talk about that. Whisper is the Alpha Dog. She can be quite cranky with other dogs that invade, what she calls, her "space". Like our past matriarch, Sheena, who we aptly named "the Shark" in old age, you can never be too sure if the "space" is 2" or 20' lol. Whisper likes to be in control of the situation. She doesn't like changes and she HATES the car. Always has, always will. All you have to do is call her to the front door and she happily comes thinking it might mean an unrestrained wander to the mailbox or to accompany you out around the yard. Pick up those car keys tho' and she becomes a cowering mass under the kitchen table and no amount of cajoling or ordering can get her out. She must be dragged kicking and yes, sometimes, literally, screaming.

So... I digress. The visit to the vet. Laid back, that was an understatement, lol. The car ride was all that was expected... chattering teeth, shaking body, drooling (from her not me, lol). Short trip later she was out of the car like nothing happened, waltzed into the vet ...and just lay on the floor patiently, when I directed her to, while everyone fawned over her. Her tail wagging constantly. She loved the vet (but all those who know him adore the man too, lol) and made google eyes at him, followed him around, begged for cookies and stood perfectly calm under his examination and fond attention. Then, while waiting to pay the bill, she broke her down stay in the waiting area afterwards to mark the floor for a young male pup that was looking her way (she's in heat - looking for a man at this age, lol)! Why don't dogs have menopause!? Geesh. That's my girl. Tough as nails but a marshmallow (and shall we say "tart"?) at heart. Vet thought she was in great shape and a sweetie (are we talking 'bout the same alpha dog with the selective hearing?) apart from her backend getting weaker in old age.

So our pack gets a little smaller. The dynamics change. But some things still stay the same. And where is this marshamallow right now? Well, right at my feet as I type this missive. Baring her teeth at the others if they come too close. They must lie elsewhere (the other side of the table is quite fine).