Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's so gotta go

What? The VISTA of course [wink]. But you all knew that didn't you?

After trying to load a few of my tried and true favourite programs (games being the most important [grin]; Adobe Elements...) we've realized that the fact that Windows Vista doesn't make/play nice (network very well) with some of these old programs is, well, a problem. It also played a big role in not allowing me to wirelessly hook-up at my Dad's on the weekend. Even with the password.

Frustrating, baffling, head-scratching, depressing, discouraging, disheartening... I could go on, but you get the picture. All these emotions, well, I'm not experiencing them, lol, the hubby is. He wanted everything to be perfect for me, but life is perfect WITH HIM and it's only a computer. It'll all work out when...

We downgrade to Windows XP, lol. Yup. After only a few days, I say "uncle" as the machine does not have the drivers/support (?) for Windows 7, according to the guy at the computer store, and even if it does, there is no guarantee that our existing software will work and we'd rather not have to go and buy all new software. Gee, then the 'puter would not quite be the "deal", lol. The 'puter store did offer to take back this 'puter and find me a new one, but... I'm quite taken with this one.

So... we shall see.


Monday, June 28, 2010

It's s'posed to be easy...

Nyah. Murphy's Law always come into play.

Hubby bought me a new computer. A Dell Inspiron. It's new, but was a "deal" price at our local go-to computer store. Probably because... it's PINK and the operating system is... Vista. The latter probably being the main reason. I love the pink. I am so not a pink gal, but every once in awhile, I just have to do the "girly" thing, lol. Makes life interesting.

We thought that the extra power/ram whatever-it's-called would be fine for Vista and uploading programs... hubby is finding out differently and not liking it, lol. I loaded some stuff to the new computer but I rely on my significant other as well as my computer-savvy son to do most of it. I'm lucky for these two. Vista isn't agreeable to several of the programs (as many people know) and you need to find "patches" and "backdoors". Not fun. And NOT quick.

Hmmmm, we'll keep you posted, lol.

And remember that patio? Well, the picture you see is the "after"... after my wonderful man spent a lot of time scraping the weeds out and then washing it down. Yup, he's a keeper.

More pics of my garden. Enjoy.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Make hay while the sunshines...

Maybe literally, lol.

Back to reality. Weeds. Lots of them. Big, monstrous, plant-eating weeds. It's absolutely amazing how much they can take over in a week. My patio looks like a jungle and is swallowing up my dogs, lol. The bird feeder is beside it and of course all the cast-offs need to grow and prosper . Now, to be fair, there were a "few" before I left, but they were, like, little bits of grass here and there. Now they've transformed and seem possessed. I wouldn't be s'prised to see a fly-eating or dog-eating plant there, lol. Got into a couple corners of my garden before the rain and cleaned out the 2 foot high thistles, but the patio has yet to be done. Just too warm to stay outside for long. More like a sauna with the moisture and clouds moving in. It'll be there tomorrow (and the day after, and the day after that, lol).

And I'm under siege. Least it feels that way. There is a small parcel of land behind me that was left when they moved the main road back a few hundred feet (I didn't want a four-lane major route behind me and so quite a few years ago, I put a petition together and made an argument for it to be relocated. We succeeded.), so it was purchased by developers for some homes. Well, their construction crews are now in and ripping up the old road to make room for new sewers, etc. Feels like they are right in my backyard. The big power shovel was parked behind my shed at end of day yesterday and looked like a new, but rather obscene, garden ornament. House is shaking and rattling and the hydraulic hammer on the end of the shovel is pounding away the old pavement. Argh. And it'll be over when?

Today my wonderfully awesome hubby brought me home my new favourite drink! Strawberry Daiquiri Bacardi Breezer. Yummy. Night, night, lol.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Paint 'til you faint...

Wowsers... and I almost did, lol.

I, along with 5 others, joined Willow for her first ever certification seminar. Five (5) days of total immersion in painting.


The first day, we prepped all 8 canvasses we would be painting over the next four days. Then we got homework: creation of colour worksheets; writing out instructions for a painting; creating an original and unique background to a painting; business plan; catching up on the day's work each day, etc. It was fabulous.

We had wonderful lunches each day, short breaks, product testing, shopping. We went out as a group for dinner on most nights (that's when I learned I LOVE Daiquiries, lol - they were the "special" at Earl's one night. Oh my, my... next stop, Winnipeg's version of the LCBO to pick-up Bacardi Breezer Strawberry Daiquiri. Mmmmmmm). Got to see the Artists' Emporium in Winnipeg, a little bit of shopping (I had to hit the Urban Barn which I've just learned has opened a store here in Ottawa! Yeah!) and a lot of visiting with new friends.

One of the girls, Marion (who had arranged to come and paint for a couple days, but not partake of the intensive "study" and learning that the other 6 of us were embarking on), took my roommate, Sharlene, and I to the Club Regent Casino. What an atmosphere. Sharlene was in 7th heaven as she hit the machines. Marion and I mostly people-watched and I was in awe of the design and decor (and people). My most favourite part was the walk-through aquarium. Wow. It was like a small hallway with a huge salt water aquarium on both sides AND THE ROOF overhead. The colours of the salt water sea life and the layout of the seafloor were fabulous. The girls had to pull me away. The machines? Well, I guess they're okay, lol. But I just don't "get" it. The draw. Putting my money in and pushing a couple of buttons and not really making a "choice" on how the games were played... well, not to be a wet blanket, but... I just don't get it, lol. S'pose that's a good thing, heehee, but my lack of enthusiasm for the money eating monsters didn't dampen my awe of the whole experience. Told my husband that I'd like to go to Vegas someday for the scenery and fantastical displays and architecture. He informed me that if you "play", even a teeny bit, on the machines, you get free drinks... Vegas here I come, lol.

I'm still glowing from a comment Willow made to me at the end of the week. Gonna hold it close. She was behind me when she exclaimed "Shelley!" "What?", I jumped thinking maybe I was painting something incorrectly, lol. "Don't jump", she said, "I just wanted to say I didn't realize what an incredibly beautiful painter you are". Wow. And WOW again. She had seen my paintings before, but we hadn't painted in a "classroom" setting for several years so you don't get the feel or watch what someone is (or isn't) doing. And those were big, busy and distracting classes. I was thrilled and warmed with her praise.

Willow was an awesome hostess and a wonderful, giving teacher. We learned so very much from our week of painting and lessons and notes. And, I have been certified as a Willow Wolfe Instructor. I'm humbled as this designation wasn't bestowed lightly. It is something to honour.

My plane trip home was a tad long and tested my tummy. It was s'posed to be a 2 hour and 5 minute trip (guess the wind was at our backsides, lol, as the trip out to Winnipeg was 3 hours+). It turned out to be close to 5 hours. Argh. Apparently there was a weather "trough" over Ottawa. My stomach can attest to that. Nearly had to avail myself of the little bag in the forward seat pocket. We circled for a bit in the turbulence trying to wait our turn to land. Not enough fuel. So off we went to Montreal to fuel up. Then back to the skies to wait again. Eventually touched down and my friend, bless her soul, was still waiting for me altho' I'd called around trying to track down her cell to tell her to go ahead home. I've definitely learned I'm a "fair weather" traveler as I am prone to motion sickness. I do a whole lot of talking myself "well" when in the skies, lol.

Well, I still need to complete my paintings and will try to do that within the next week. Then I will post them to my Webshots.