Monday, June 28, 2010

It's s'posed to be easy...

Nyah. Murphy's Law always come into play.

Hubby bought me a new computer. A Dell Inspiron. It's new, but was a "deal" price at our local go-to computer store. Probably because... it's PINK and the operating system is... Vista. The latter probably being the main reason. I love the pink. I am so not a pink gal, but every once in awhile, I just have to do the "girly" thing, lol. Makes life interesting.

We thought that the extra power/ram whatever-it's-called would be fine for Vista and uploading programs... hubby is finding out differently and not liking it, lol. I loaded some stuff to the new computer but I rely on my significant other as well as my computer-savvy son to do most of it. I'm lucky for these two. Vista isn't agreeable to several of the programs (as many people know) and you need to find "patches" and "backdoors". Not fun. And NOT quick.

Hmmmm, we'll keep you posted, lol.

And remember that patio? Well, the picture you see is the "after"... after my wonderful man spent a lot of time scraping the weeds out and then washing it down. Yup, he's a keeper.

More pics of my garden. Enjoy.


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