Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kolinsky Sable and Magpies

Absolutely nothing to do with each other, lol. Nothing.

But... having just updated about my Calgary trip the other day, it was still on my mind and I was thinking of the beautiful black and white birds I'd seen swooping across the skies and landing in trees and on rooftops. The first sighting riveted my gaze. I had to find out what they were. Closer inspection... they were magpies. Fascinating birds to me and conjured up the Windex commercial where they are talking and laughing raucously at the humans who clean their windows so well they end up walking into them. Gee a bird wouldn't do that, lol. But annoying to Calgarians who would just as soon religate this bird to any other province that would have them [GBG]. They had beautiful long tails and were just, well, striking. Have always liked the "bad boys", lol. Guess they're kind of like our Blue Jays or starlings and crows. Annoying to other birds and people, but striking and smart as whips.

And today, I decided to get my nails done. Yup. Imagine my surprise when the manicurist pulled out a Kolinsky Sable brush to apply the acrylic with. Now, I really shouldn't have been surprised, as many of our decorative brush companies made their start in the cosmetic brush industry. When I commented on her choice in brush, she pulled out another company's "bargain" brand nylon bristle brush and proceeded to tell me all about why the Kolinsky was superior to the other, lol. Yes, I was amused. Too funny.

Okay... off to go finish packing and sorting out my stuff for the Quebec show. Will drop my doggies off at my friend's in the morning then back home to pack the car.


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