Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Quebec Show

Held in Boucherville, Quebec (south shore of Montreal), it was well-attended by registrants and exhibitors.

Lots of familiar names:

Della and Company - wow Bill and Della have some awesome metalware. And their booth is magnificent. It's a long trek for them, but they made the trip from the New England Traditions show in Connecticut, staying one night with Sharon & Marty McNamara. Their trip home to Texas after the show would take them about 5 days. Whew. Della does a newsletter from the shows to update those painters "at home". Worthwhile going online and signing up for it.
Settler's Cabin - with Sharon McNamara Black and her husband Marty
Heather Redick
Mary Owens
Gladys Neilsen
Tracy Moreau
Sue Beckerton
Brenda Levert
Wendy Fahey
Holly Hanley - who was demoing in the Coup de Pinceau (store) booth
Debbie Cotton, Lydia Steeves and Willow in our booth

Lots of exhibitors from the Quebec scene. Country Bear Woodcrafts; Rue des Beaux Arts; Art & Hobby; Madame Pickwick; Coup de Pinceau (the magazine); Diffuzart; Montreal Area Decorative Painters Guild; and lots and LOTS more. Some AWESOME talent, artists and booths. I really, really liked the paintings of Anne Grenier and bought a packet. Sadly, she does not have a website (yet, lol), but I would describe her painting as kind of "shabby chic" or English country cottage. Very soft, lots of florals and birds but not "realism". Just beautiful.

In the Rue des Beaux Arts booth, Mitzart was demonstrating on the Terraskin paper. Okay, must say I hadn't really given this "new paper" a chance when I first heard of it. Paper made of rocks. Okay. Looks like white posterboard to me, lol. Big whup. Lots of nice surfaces out there like Mi-tientes, canvas, wood... Well, let me tell you... the possibilities are ENDLESS [grin]. There is no grain to fight with. It will take paint, watercolours, colour pencil, watercolour pencils, sprays, regular graphite, cheap pens... metal implements can be written with (yup... think keys, stylus', stones, etc.). It is water-resistant so can be dropped in water or taken out in the rain and you don't have to worry about your work being damaged. It can be diecut. It can be heated and then manipulated. You can erase on it or scrub off your paint and you do not take off or damage the surface like on paper. It can be off-set printed. It doesn't buckle. It can be rolled and when un-rolled it goes back to completely flat. Need I go on? Yup, I'm excited. And it's available through many of our artstores already (DeSerres, Curry's, Wallack's...). Gonna play with some, lol.

So yes, the show was great, the people were great, the art was great (still seems to be lots of interest in the Faux Vitraille painting - faux glass painting on solid surfaces as well as glass and glass-type surfaces; similar to Gallery Glass, Decoart Glass Stains and "leading"), demos... and we'll go back next year!


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