Friday, October 8, 2010

On the cusp of the next show

... I thought I'd better quickly update on the last. Ya, it happened a month ago, but what the hey, lol.

Ya, I've been back awhile, but been busy, and busy making busy, lol. Don't kid yourself tho', this ain't all from memory, lol. Made some shorthand notes and if you know me, ya know that meant lots of little pieces of paper... all over the place [GBG].


pick a number...

Yuch. This bed is SOOOO not for me . I mean, really, once you've "found"
your number it's kinda not "useful" anymore right? And let me tell you... if your partner's side of the bed is any kind of difference, it's like there's a "bar" up between the sides! Yup, guess it's that "line in the sand", the masking tape across the floor when you were little and shared a room with a sibling... the "boundary" to not cross or infringe upon... so all you bed hogs get over it, lol.

What am I talking about? Well, the "Sleep Number" bed. Imagine my surprise and yes, delight, upon walking into my room at the Radisson Calgary and exclaiming about the cool remote control lying on the bed! Oooooh, I can pick a number and have the best sleep ever. Heeheehee. What the heck is my number?! Four nights is so NOT enough to have found it (altho' I seem to be a "medium" somewhere after 55 and so not 100). Kinda like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, lol. Too hot, too cold, just right. Nope... don't wanna play with my bed, just wanna sleep.

Speaking of hot, cold, just right. No water on the last morning of my hotel! ARGH! My roommate got off without a hitch to catch her flight, but when I got up (an hour later) and so ready for a wake-me-up shower... no freakin' water! ARGHHHHH! Oh well, had some bottled water to wash my face and brush my teeth and thank goodness, they worked miracles and I had water an hour and a half later. Good thing I wasn't on a schedule and had a couple extra hours buffer before my friend came to pick me up to do a little shopping before my flight. Also had to UPS some boxes. Apparently, someone on my floor (5th) turned their hot water knob on the shower on FULL and it got stuck. Yup. Apparently when maintenance entered the room a 1/2 hour later it was like a sauna. Ya think? So off went the water to the floor while they worked on it. No wonder the trickle that came out of the tap had been scalding.

Some of the people I reconnected with at the show:

Maureen Unland
Val Dickie, a ToleFriends' Member
Carrie Mashon
Leslie Mayer
Janet Hornsby
Sue Richardson, Lorraine Fletcher and daughter Holly...
Carol from Paint for Joy (awesome travel teachers scheduled)...
Cindy Ohama - known for her
published books Those Blooming Bears, Cindy slowed down in painting/publishing for awhile due to family priorities (read: wee children). She is now doing fabulous colour pencil pieces and we'll keep nagging her, lol, to get them up somewhere for all to see. Too good to keep hidden to only a few.
Deb Antonick...
Florence Blois - a delightful lady
many more than that, yup, I just can't bring to mind right now.

The show was very small. Just under 200 registrants; only about a dozen booths. But it was warm (literally and figuratively, lol) and friendly. One booth was noticeably short on stock - Tracy Moreau's shipment must've been lost or misdirected but she did a fabulous job of pulling her classes together. Wouldn't you know it but the shipment showed up at the front desk the day after the show closed and many of us were checking out! Next year the Coast to Coast Eventing Team will have a show in Moncton, New Brunswick and then the
following year will head back out west. The Mississauga show will still be a regularly held event in the spring. I've already signed up for a class. A teacher I really wanted to take with happens to have a class booked at a time when the Trade Show will be closed so... yippee, skippee, I'm so in [grin].

Picked up a couple colour pencil packets from Cindy Ohama and brought back a large wooden mailbox for a friend, but other than that and a few more, ahem, luminarte paints for me... nothing much.

Quebec show in Boucherville starts Thursday next week so after this Thanksgiving weekend celebrations it'll be time to pack and get ready. Looking forward to it and will try to be better about blogging about it sooner.


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