Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The end of an era

It was a sad day today. Off went our almost 30 year old Roxton sofa into the garbage truck. It served us well. Aside from the foam backing in the cushions finally disintegrating, that sofa and chair stood the test of time well and solidly.

It saw us through our first years together as a couple. Then it proudly bore our weight as we added to our family. First came the cat, Tiffany; then the dog, Sheena; the second cat, Zonker; the kids, Daniel and Michael and many more pets and people.

It was spit up on, puked on, peed on (by one dog who shall remain nameless - mad at my husband one day, lol - okay, dear ol' Ripley. She was quite a character and we always knew where we stood with her... low on the totem pole [grin]). It held us as we celebrated each milestone - anniversaries, birthdays, baby and wedding showers...

It was a big sofa but we marched it to the curb last night thinking that the garbage men might take the chair and leave the sofa, which would mean we'd need to cut it up and put it out again. I heard the truck pull up so went out to meet the driver. I asked him if I helped him, could we put the sofa on the truck. No problem he said. So with a bit of a hitch in my stride and nostalgia in my heart, I picked up the big, handsome piece of furniture and said goodbye for the last time. However, it did not go without a fight, lol. The crushing mechanism needed to work over and over in order to crush the rockwood maple frame and steel springs. Finally, it had chewed it up enough to move on to the next pick-up. That bit of history has now moved onto the great furniture warehouse in the sky, lol.


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