Friday, March 16, 2012

Bad blogger, lol

Ya, ya... no apologies, though. Life just happens, Facebook steals time, to-do lists, husband, dogs, kids, friends, cardmaking, painting... it is what it is, lol.

Still waiting. Yes I am. Have never waited for anything so long in my life. What am I waiting for? The chance to get the little tabby I mentioned in a previous post. By the time I get to "try"... he'll be an adult . The definition of patience: an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay. Are you kidding me?! That so does not describe me, but... I've been, and am being, pretty good [wink].

There are 7 of them, so if one picks up a virus, the rest do... one at a time and one after the other. Stuff happens. He's doing very well and his personality is really developing. Am looking toward the week of March 26 now as the "foster mom" knows I have a weekend away next weekend and wants to give me the best chance of acquiring this little lad, so even if he's "ready" to go back to the shelter this week, she'll "put them off" 'til the following week.

Just as well. Not only am I away next weekend and really looking forward to it (I'm going to the Scrap and Stamp Getaway in Cornwall with Maggie Patterson), I'm kinda "bruised" right now.

Was cleaning out the big chest freezer yesterday. Leaning in on the edge to reach the bottom for the ice and to dry it out. Rolled forward and heard a "pop". Ouch. Yup, probably cracked a rib. It's up high and a little "in from the side" so does not seem to be in a spot that "twists" as much as I've had before (yup, cracked ribs once-upon-a-time when I went down a slide that was more like a log chute with my young son. Kinda narrowed out a bit too much for an adult, lol - that was a bad one). However, it is limiting my bending and definitely felt whenever I change position. So... to have had a little kitten this weekend would've been a little "uncomfortable".

Guess things happen for a reason.

Had a great time at my Stampin' Up Team Meeting last weekend. I provided the demo and the girls really enjoyed it. My upline even published me, lol. I love cards that "do" something and they don't seem to do a lot of these so I have a new audience [grin].


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Scorch. Well, I'm pretty sure that's the name I will be christening him with. If I get him.

My friend fosters kittens for the Humane Society. I am in one of her painting classes each week and we always look forward to when she has a new litter so we can get kitten cuddles, smiles and laughs at their antics. I've had the itch for years to have another cat in my life, but with more than a few dogs, it just wasn't fair... to the hubby . Sadly, as you know, I lost two of my furbabies this past year, the second rather unexpected. The 3 remaining furbabies are getting up there in years. They will be 8, 9 and 10 this year. I thought that if I brought another pet into my home, it would be an adult cat. Something a little more mature and in need of a loving, forever home. I looked forward to this... at some point. I had been satisfied the last few years to just cuddle, enjoy and not pine after something I really shouldn't.

Darned if this current litter of 7 kittens didn't have ONE medium coated tabby male. Three of my four criteria, lol. Medium coated, tabby, male. But... a kitten. Yes, I can handle a kitten and my oh-so-awesome and lovingly patient husband has nodded his head that "yes", I can bring him home when the time is right. Now... the next hurdle will be to get the timing down for when he has to go back to the Humane Society for fixing and shots prior to the adoption process. My friend can give me a "referral" but that's it... there are no guarantees, although past experience with painting ladies falling for one of her "fosters" has had positive results going thru the protocol of the adoption process and heirarchy there.

So... if you are reading this. Cross your fingers for me and send good thoughts and karma my way 'cause I really want to bring Scorch home.

January and February are but a blur, lol. Mostly through sleepy eyes. I'm just not getting enough good quality, sound sleep. Think it's just the aging process, lol. But I have been creating and playing with my papercrafts, catching up with friends, playing with the dogs and... checking out companies, designs and products for a possible bathroom makeover.

Yup. It's time. Our main bathroom is outdated and tired and in need of something. We're excited as we seem to have narrowed it down to one company that we had come in and "do a design" for us. Wow. Not only did we have a thorough interview from the designer, but she's pretty well nailed down all our wants, desires and needs and stuck within a budget she was given. I'm really excited. It's a lot of money but will be an awesome investment and something that is so totally usable, practical and beautiful. I will keep you posted.

My friends and I have been creating cards and trying to get together every couple weeks to continue our fun. They thank me, but it's really me who has a lot of the benefit of appreciation and fun from them. They put a smile on my face.

Speaking of friends, I was remiss not to tell you 'bout my Christmas gift from one of my awesome "puppy people" families. Their youngest spotted a "collie" ornament in one of the stores just before Christmas and thought of me (my heart just melts at this). So just before our Christmas, they came for a quick visit and gifted me with the awesome ornament (that now holds pride-of-place in my curio cabinet amongst my other treasures) and a sinful package of dog cookies for my herd. How is that my dogs KNOW the difference between these better quality "healthy" treats and the mere beef-basted or plain old Milkbones that are their normal treat? Geesh. They just 'bout do backflips for these treats, lol.