Thursday, November 18, 2010

A blast from the past...

A lot has happened since I last posted. A lot of "stuff" (errands; dog grooming - this I like as it gives me mad money, lol; housework - did I tell you this is a "hobby" of mine and therefore I don't have "time for hobbies"? LOL; cardmaking and a Stampin' Up Girls' Night Out party here;... life) and a lot of, well, nothing, lol. You know, busy making busy.

So, today I was on Facebook and Mo's Digital pencil is one of my "likes". She posted a couple digi-images (for those of you "not in the know", these are "stamps" on your 'puter that you can re-size and print out to your heart's content - no fuss, no muss, no mess!) of cute Christmas doggies. Yup, not shelties. A cute Lhasa with it's Santa Hat on and a cute lab pup with a Santa hat in it's mouth.

Now, I KNOW Mo has or did have a border collie. How do I know this? Well, I had previously bought an image from her that was "sheltie like" and she informed me it
was of her border collie. Knowing it probably wasn't too much of a stretch, having insider information about this border collie lol, I taunted about wanting a sheltie... Of course, dog people are breed specific, unlike cat people who just like any cute kitty item, and others were looking for their own breeds. This insider information brought out the devil in me, though, and I wouldn't let go. So she promptly produced (ya, within less than an hour no less) a cute collie-type image with a candycane in it's mouth. But the Santa hat is sooooo cute, I whined.

Gee, and with that, up popped a collie-type dog (close enough to a sheltie for me, lol) with a darn Santa hat tilted at a rakish angle on his head! So I had to buy it!

Devil made me do it.

Further conversation prompted Mo to declare HER border would never stoop to wearing a Santa hat. Just wouldn't stand for it. Well, I said, "my" shelties would and did and have and probably still will, lol. Found the blasts from the past and posted them for everyone that had been on Facebook and just felt I had to put them here.

So, without further adieu, I share with you a pic of Sheena and Cricket at the Obedience Club Christmas party some 22 years ago dressed up as Reindogs. Yes, they won, lol. And of course, as I was hunting for those old, scanned photos, I found one of dear Sheena with a Santa hat. Too freakin' cute.