Friday, October 8, 2010

Update on Elgin's Crop

It was fun. But it was 12 hours!

A 12 hour crop! Argh. Some of those ladies are REALLY focused, lol. I guess this is the "space" and time they get stuff done with families, etc. at home. Some just stayed at their own tables (full 3x6 rubbermaids for everyone) and kept their heads down and did layout after layout. Some, like one Stampin' Up rep, just cut and cut and cut... a whackload of assembly line cards, lol. Some looked for a little diversion and joined in on the classes. Tag, I was it, as no-one else followed thru for her (Victoria - the organizer of the charity crop). Good thing I did do all those last-minute cards/cutting/kits, lol (4 classes times 12 people per class times umpteen little pieces of paper, cardstock, chipboard, ribbon... I was cutting in my sleep, lol). It was really fun and the ladies really, really enjoyed and what was nicest? I got lots of compliments on projects and teaching style... Yup, definitely does leave a glow and feel good feeling. I pre-embossed a couple cards (easier for this situation). Just did basic, but fun cards to give them techniques and ideas that they could choose to "run with" on their own. You could hear and see the creative minds going on a couple of them for possibilities, lol. Too funny.

The following weekend (Oct 2) was World Cardmaking Day, so I taught a more-involved never-ending card plus a couple other simpler ones. Two pieces of cardstock and one piece of double-sided scrapbook paper and 3 cards later. An A2 Never-ending card... really complicated for scores but so freakin' cute!

I'll try to think of some other cards and do a few more classes for ScrapTease when the Quebec show is behind me. This is fun. Instant gratification almost with the papercrafts and happy attendees. Yup.


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