Thursday, June 24, 2010

Make hay while the sunshines...

Maybe literally, lol.

Back to reality. Weeds. Lots of them. Big, monstrous, plant-eating weeds. It's absolutely amazing how much they can take over in a week. My patio looks like a jungle and is swallowing up my dogs, lol. The bird feeder is beside it and of course all the cast-offs need to grow and prosper . Now, to be fair, there were a "few" before I left, but they were, like, little bits of grass here and there. Now they've transformed and seem possessed. I wouldn't be s'prised to see a fly-eating or dog-eating plant there, lol. Got into a couple corners of my garden before the rain and cleaned out the 2 foot high thistles, but the patio has yet to be done. Just too warm to stay outside for long. More like a sauna with the moisture and clouds moving in. It'll be there tomorrow (and the day after, and the day after that, lol).

And I'm under siege. Least it feels that way. There is a small parcel of land behind me that was left when they moved the main road back a few hundred feet (I didn't want a four-lane major route behind me and so quite a few years ago, I put a petition together and made an argument for it to be relocated. We succeeded.), so it was purchased by developers for some homes. Well, their construction crews are now in and ripping up the old road to make room for new sewers, etc. Feels like they are right in my backyard. The big power shovel was parked behind my shed at end of day yesterday and looked like a new, but rather obscene, garden ornament. House is shaking and rattling and the hydraulic hammer on the end of the shovel is pounding away the old pavement. Argh. And it'll be over when?

Today my wonderfully awesome hubby brought me home my new favourite drink! Strawberry Daiquiri Bacardi Breezer. Yummy. Night, night, lol.


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