Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's that time again

What time? Well, painting convention time. This week I will drive to Mississauga for the Coast to Coast (C2C) Painting Convention and set-up and man (woman?) the booth for my friend, Willow.

Today is Easter Sunday. I will shortly put on a small turkey roast for the family. And then I will probably start to panic about what I DON'T have ready, lol. No list, no booth supplies gathered, no packing, no laundry done, piles that I had vowed to remove from my hubby's eyesight still there...

OMG...oodness! LOL! Well, I shall take a breath and handle what I can, as I can, and go away and have a damn good, but exhausting time, come back with a smile on my face and... knuckle in to everything I left undone . And life goes on. Oh, but I WILL get my nails done before I take off on Wednesday. Priorities, lol.


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