Friday, May 20, 2011


Women "glisten" and men sweat. Right?! Not! Today, I'm sweating, and huffing like Kirsty Alley on Dancing with the Stars after one of her dances, lol. Now that my breathing has re-set to a manageable level [grin], it's time for me to post (hubby was exclaiming 'bout my lack of new posts t'other day - yes, we do "talk"; however, he's a regular reader of the blog and well...).

It's been raining for several days. I just cut the grass last week, but it's growing like the proverbial weed on steroids. The weeds are even worse. It's become impossible for me to find all the landmines left by the dogs. Hubby has been very busy at work and oh-so-tired when he gets home. Much as he's gonna give me right sh#\!* when he gets home, I figure I have a few hours of blessed ignorance and hope that he won't read the blog before then heehee.

Mowing the lawn is tough work. Not-so-bad when it's a little overgrown. But really, really hard on you when it's, like, 6" long, lol. Couple that with the fact we have a honking big gas mower. Wonderful to chug through the heavy stuff, but hard work. I pull it out of the shed and hang the grass catcher on it. Then I top up the gas. I think the hardest part is the initial start-up. Pump the prime button a few times. Just the right amount mind you. More than the 3 it tells you, but less than what it takes to flood it, lol. Then, while holding the starting bar engaged, pull that honking long cord a couple times. Hard! Try not to dislocate your shoulder, lol. Crap. Okay, tie down the starting bar, put foot on wheel so it doesn't roll and pull. Whew. Success.

So, I am puttering around the yard and stopping periodically to empty the bag before it gets too full and heavy for me (gets full far too fast and the grass is too long to leave on the ground). In my own little world I am when I hear something. Just 'bout jump outta my skin, lol. It's the neighbour offering to do the front lawns with the gas mower when I'm done. Who am I to argue as the sweat (yes... s-w-e-a-t) pours down my back and my hair comes loose of the clip I've put it up in? I finish and gladly hand it over. When neighbour is done, he exclaims how freakin' heavy the lawnmower is (but it does a great job). Ya think?! And I've done the hard part of getting it started, lol. Any stoppage after the initial shoulder-dislocating cord pulls is a piece-of-cake to start it up again. It's almost more a light tug of that damn cable, lol. I take off the grass catcher and finish up outside our yard where the city has made a right mess working on some housing across from us. Can't wait 'til that's finished.

So... now that my system is back to normal, I feel quite good 'bout my accomplishment. Take that hubby [grin].

I'm just waiting for my chauffeur duties to begin for my youngest (he's almost 20 now). He's off to escort his girlfriend to her prom. Can't wait to see the two of them all dressed up. Hope he'll let me take/get a pic (without him rolling his eyes, lol).

Oh, and the convention went well. It's always nice to go to and re-connect with old friends (not in the chronologic sense, but that too, lol) and see what's new. It's a nice show but I have to say I was disappointed with the attendance this year.
Those that were there were excited and really wanted to be there, but the numbers are a-dwindling. New things are in the works for next year to attract more attendees and we will do our best to spread the word. I stayed Sunday night as it's a long drive back for me and driving alone, in the dark, especially during a storm... well, not the most optimum or safe conditions. So I wandered home on the Monday and stopped to stretch my legs... in Shannonville (about the 1/2 way point for me) so I could "just have a peek at Ecstasy Crafts", lol. Well, really... I needed to stretch my legs and what better place?! Yes, I did do some retail therapy, lol.


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