Saturday, May 28, 2011

And it begins...


Well, I "rescued" my computer for a nominal fee instead of close to the $200 it would've taken to "fix" it at the computer "doctor". It was so badly infected, they couldn't even get it to connect to the internet.

So... nothing else but to strip it down and start over. Think my son was rubbing his hands together in glee (while also not-so-quietly smirking). I learned from one of the gurus there that my son was also right (sigh, lol). It IS possible to get Windows 7 working on the laptop despite what Dell has on it's site. I can say goodbye to the Windows Vista now.

Ya but... the changes! Most for the good. But some, well some, I think my son is just being punitive with me, lol. The list (and speech) of what I "can't" do with my computer is longer than what I "can" do (what is "allowable" by said son the "Technician"), lol. But... I will bow to his superior knowledge (for now) and try to work with what he's "allowing" me to have.

I am NOT allowed to use Internet Explorer as my browser 'cause he says it's too "hackable" or somethin' to that affect. Something to do with some angry "active x"?! Whatever, lol. So... I'm permitted to play with Mozilla's Firefox. Hey, it's kinda cute but the display... oooh-la-la it will take some getting used to.

I have no mail server 'cause he hated the old one (Windows Live Mail). Hey, I didn't like it either, having previously used Outlook Express, but danged if I can remember now what I didn't like about it heehee. Whatever, I need mail. As it is, ALL my emails that I've been "banking" are gone. All my passwords, memberships, stored "business"... gone. Sigh. No biggie. Good way to start fresh, right?! So, if someone reading this post knows they've sent me an email in the last while that's gone unanswered... send it away again, lol. We "think" he may have saved all my contacts (over 300) so here's hoping... crossing fingers 'til he gets home.

I've just spent the better part of a day downloading, reloading, finding... programs that I would like re-installed. That's a process in itself. I really should make a better list for future, lol. I also "played" online and tried to watch/download a couple videos. One I cannot capture 'cause it's Flowplayer and so I need to "use" the lesson now as it's disappearing to me by tomorrow (will be taken offline). Do you know how hard it is to follow along with a video lesson and NO SOUND?! OMGaaaaawd, I thought maybe my 'puter DID have an incompatability then with moving from Vista to the Windows 7 (Pro version might I add, lol). No drivers for the audio?! Argh!!! Nope, no worries. Son just hadn't got around to installing that particular driver. Whew. Will work on that one shortly.

So, so far so good. I've got my Adobe Photoshop Elements working, Adobe Reader, RealPlayer (that is one of the no-no's, lol, but my "hafta have" ). I've got the Microsoft Office suite installed. The anti-virus. The spy/malware programs I'm off to download now. Then I've got to put my "games" back on (Jewel and Solitaire) and my Painter Library program and hope that I didn't lose all that data. I did lose the Tips & Ideas Database, but no biggie, not sure I would've used it anyway (haven't to this point so... no sense in going back to it's creator to try to get new copy).

Yup, so far, so good. The sighs emitting from my chest as I do all this playing, well... just me talking and cursing and showering my 'puter with affection so it loves me again and behaves, lol.


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