Monday, May 30, 2011


In 60 seconds (or less, lol).

No email contacts. None. Zip, zero, nada, rien, blank, nothing, zilch, naught, nix, nil... BIG goose egg, lol. A rose by any other name.

Well, this could be a good thing, lol. I can't "talk" to anybody. Might get some stuff done. No news is good news...

ARGGGGGGH! It might mean... I've gotta pick up the phone!? Yup. That hardly-used "thing" on the wall. That chewer-upper of time. That prehistoric talking machine. Yes, I will have to do that as I have a Stampin' Up Party to decide upon (whether it runs or I cancel) and it's coming up... FAST.

Good news is my machine is back up and running and better than ever. There is a LOT that I must get used to, but baby steps. Brand new Microsoft 2010 Suite (including Outlook - full version, yikes; Word 2010 - do you have ANY idea how very different it is than the 2007?! And to think some are still using the version before that!?; etc.); full Windows 7 Pro version; Firefox... and the list goes on. Make me more efficient? Harrumph/choke/cough... we'll see . Oh ya, and the latest Adobe Reader, version 10. Wowsers... now that is different! Ooooh-la-la... all this for a woman who doesn't "do" change well, lol. Think I'm handling this quite well says she as she pats herself on the back .


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