Monday, September 7, 2009

Note to self... don't do that!

Well, first off... note to husband: I'm fine. Really. Feeling a tad stupid(er), but fine.

I decided to get a few things done 'round the house today. Couple loads of laundry in, scrapbook stuff out ready for my friend to arrive, lunch (quick frozen burger on the barby works for me, lol)... oh, grass, I'd like to cut the grass in the backyard so I can find the dogs [smile].

No biggie. Hubby doesn't like me doing it. Says it's not my "job". I really don't mind doing it as with the gas mower, it's quick and painless. Well... as you will hear... that's relative, lol.

Picked up the yard and checked for "foreign objects/missiles". Then changed to my hubby's "yard shoes" and primed the lawnmower in preparation to pulling that darn cord (the only hard part of the job, lol). Left dogs out as they know when it's me at the controls to back off and behave. With hubby, they'll just charge the mower, heeheehee. They were well-behaved and stayed on the patio the whole time (sorry, honey, but the boss rules!).

I'm less careful than my better half (on a lot of things - to my detriment [said sheepishly]). They're my plants/gardens in the backyard so if I kinda take out a few of the flora other than the unruly grass, well so be it. No biggie.

Job accomplished in record time and I turn off the mower. Oh look, a big phystostegia (obedient plant that's not, lol. Obedient that is) tangled in the left front wheel. Lean down to carefully pull it free (yes, I know the mower will be hot so I think I'm being careful and watching the distance). Sizzle. Did you know that skin sizzles like a drop of water or oil on a hot surface? Yikes. Pull arm away and notice a quarter-size hole thru my skin on the soft, lower, inner arm. Ouch. March into house and put a huge dollop of aloe on wound. Oh well, it'll heal and I'll remember next time ... don't do that. My soft inner arm barely grazed the machinery (and I mean BARELY... the heat from the mower acted like a magnet and just wicked the skin towards the hot silver motor [?]).

So... feeling pretty good 'bout the lawn mowing job. Not so good 'bout the lesson learned. But I'm fine honey... really. Love ya! The picture shows the before and after. See how well I looked after it and how fast I heal?

~ Shelley

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