Thursday, September 17, 2009

Smooth Criminal?

That's what I felt like on Monday as I went through Airport Security at Edmonton. I wasn't upset or worried, afterall, it's for our own safety that we have these measures, just couldn't believe the inconsistencies and/or more thoroughness through the different airports I've been through the last month.

I wear a sterling silver bracelet. We all know that jewellery will often set off the sensors at the airports. No biggie, the airport security are well aware of this and check pretty thoroughly. Case in point, American Customs last month at the Ottawa airport. They just have you hold your arms out like your flying, lol, and re-scan. Go ahead, m'am. Airport Security through Ohio... take off your jewellery and put it in the dish to go through the scanner. Whatever. No biggie. Through these two checkpoints, all that went off was my bracelet.

Airport Security at Ottawa on my trip out to Edmonton. Only bracelet "rings the bells". Go ahead, m'am.

Fast forward to Edmonton. Those wands make EVERYthing go off. Yup. Underwire bra, studs on pants (same pants I've worn through previous checkpoints), metal ring on shirt, every piece of jewellery I have on...

And the purse! The purse that's been through every checkpoint so far. They put it through the scanner x-rays THREE TIMES! They emptied it out. They turned it just about upside down and well... tossed almost everything in it out into a bucket. I stood there, patiently waiting (now there's an oxymoron), for about 10-15 minutes. Now there's a good example of WHY you need to show up EARLY for your flight, lol. I grinned evilly as the poor young man gingerly removed lady's products, heeheehee. Some poetic justice with that. He certainly looked amazed with the amount of "stuff" coming out of a lady's purse. You'd think after all this time the s'prise wouldn't show in his face. Maybe he's a newbie to lady's purses. Whatever, finally, finding nothing... they let me go. I will never be able to find anything in that purse again, lol.

The rest of my flight was uneventful and comfortable. I got the aisle seat on both flights home and an empty seat in the middle. Both seatmates were polite and friendly. The time passed quickly catching up on t.v. shows with the little t.v.'s in the headrests. Boeing 737's are much more to my liking.

~ Shelley

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