Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ron and Maggie... this one's for you

Well, I know you're in Paris "pining" away for your furkids (you better not be... you'd better be enjoying that Parisien air and countryside, lol), so... here's a pic of your furkids with "the Gang".

From left to right top row: Dusty, Molson, Hunter, Domino, 'Squeak and Holly
Middle row: Shimmer
From left to right bottom row: Whisper and Checkers

Dusty and Domino are littermates (full brother and sister), age 13
Dusty, Domino, Checkers (12) and Holly (13) are all half brothers/sisters as they have the same sire (Dad, lol)
Hunter is Checkers "mom" (you can see the family resemblance)
Shimmer and Molson are from Whisper and are full brother and sister from different litters
'Squeak is Shimmer's pup.

So... now you know .

~ Shelley

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