Sunday, September 6, 2009

Be careful what you say...

Heeheehee. Just got off the phone from talking to my soulmate (husband). Just had to call and hear his voice. He went for a walk in Frankfurt this afternoon. Turned down a "wrong" street, lol (so he says)... hot looking "call" girl dragged him into one of the shops and wanted her way with him. That's his story and he's stickin' to it. And he worries 'bout what friends "I" entertain at home when he's away .

There's a 6 hour time difference. That means 5 pm here is 11 pm there. Guess what I'll be doing with my afternoons for the next few days [wink]?!

He reads my blog so already knew that I was missing him. Gosh, I knew that, but... guess I better watch what I say about all the fun I'm having while he's away [grin].

His flight was uneventful and cushy. He flew on a Boeing 767. He gets "business class" (aka First Class on some flights). Beds, t.v., space, service... what more could a man want? Me... I just hope my flight on Thursday is in something bigger than a tuna can (sardine ?) this time.

Next Monday night is a long way away before I can see him again. Guess I'll hafta "make hay while the sun shines, lol".

~ Shelley

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