Thursday, September 17, 2009

What's with thaaaat?

Well, have been home for a few days now. Got in at midnight on Monday night from Edmonton. Tuesday was pretty good; Wednesday I hit a wall, lol, and here I still am, firmly embedded in that wall.

When I was in Edmonton, I didn't seem to be able to get to sleep much before midnight (which would've been 2 am Ottawa time); however, I darn well woke up at Ottawa time every single morning. So 7 am Ottawa time was 5 am wake up time in Edmonton! Follow?

I was SOOOOOO sleep deprived and running on fumes, but having so much fun (I probably do better on nervous energy and feeding off the energy of a show anyway).

Figured I'd be able to "sleep in" when I got home 'cause it'd be like "rolling the clock forward" (?) for daylight savings - only I'd gain 2 hours. No such luck. I seem to be waking up earlier... 6:30 am Ottawa time which works out to 4:30 am Edmonton time. Geesh. My body clock is totally discombobulated. I wanna sleeeeep - properly [grin]. Oh well, nap later.

I'll write a little bit more later about the show and my experiences.

~ Shelley

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