Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's all about the optics...

So... here I sit, mid-afternoon on the 10th with nothing to do but rest, lol. When I looked at this scenario a couple of days ago, I was overwhelmed with all that needed to be done before I could leave for Paint-In Alberta.

Tuesday I had a meeting, Wednesday I had a painting class and running around to do for my college-bound son, dogs to drop off at my girlfriend's, laundry, packing, eye appointment for the college-bound son...

Wednesday evening I was getting to the list when a friend dropped in. I just couldn't turn her away, she needed to visit - and so did I (she is in the middle of cancer treatments and I've been dropping off meals for the family)... this was a good day and time for her. Her energy levels were flagging but spirits still buoyant after chemo last week and one more chemo treatment to go. No biggie. She wanted to thank me for the meals I've been dropping off (the least I can do for a friend). Was a nice visit and I said to myself "what gets done gets done". I actually needed this down time for just focusing on someone else and getting caught up with them. Felt so good and relaxed afterwards. Then off to drop dogs off for their "getaway", lol.

Now, at 2 in the afternoon... packing is done, groceries done, son has had his eye appointment, 4 loads of laundry have been completed and put away... and I'm breathing easy(er), lol. Now I can just putz and play for a few hours 'til my ride comes to take me to the airport (awesome neighbour has volunteered).

Ooooops, one last thing after this post... gotta do a quick write-up to submit to our painting guild's newsletter by tomorrow! That I can do.

So... update on my squinty-eyed son: his eyes are perfect. Yes, I said PERFECT! Yippee Skippee! Problem? Lack of sleep and resting said eyes. Lecture from optician, sigh of relief from son who did NOT want glasses (but methinks he secretly doth protest too much, lol) and BIG sigh of relief from Mom. So glad I persisted and called around 'til I could get him in somewhere. Now we know and it is a welcome relief. Would've worried about him 'til we could see an eye doctor because you sure don't want to be struggling with new classes and also having vision problems.

So, took him to lunch, then Future Shop to get an extended warranty for his new IPod Touch, got an extra credit because it had come down in price since last week (another yippee) and then home. Whew. I'm exhausted thinking of all that's been done in this short week while hubby's away.

Oh ya, my arm is healing. Doesn't hurt as it was a third degree burn and I'd obviously damaged the nerve ends, looks horrible, but it's healing nicely. I have some special non-stick pads and gauze to wrap it with while I'm away to make sure I keep the dirt out. I've tended it well, lol, with antibiotic cream and cleaning.

I'll try to give you an update on the show when I can make time. Might not be 'til I get home. Okay, off to do that write-up, clean up the yard and put some dishes away!

~ Shelley

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