Wednesday, September 23, 2009


def'n: To obtain or try to obtain by begging

see: Dusty (lol)


Now, my dogs know that they are not supposed to counter-surf (even tho' they cannot, technically, reach the counter; unlike a large dog) or beg in the kitchen. The guests know this too, however, they push the envelope, lol. And this is also where that "selective hearing", the seniors have, comes into play.

Whenever I'm working in the kitchen, my girl, Holly (guest along with Dusty), is right under me between the counter and my legs. Something might drop dontcha know [grin]. Dusty lies perfectly directly behind me as I might turn and drop something (and there's no room for him with said sister under me). If I turn away from the counter or cross the room, his snout is immediately in the air as he walks around the perimeter of the counter surfaces huffing the air for a whiff of food. Poor underfed and starving creature (ya, right). My crew of 5 usually hangs back and waits for me to send them scurrying from the room with a firm "out". If no such word leaves my lips, they close the circle until I do say something - usually from severe claustrophobia [chuckle].

The attached pic shows Dusty at his best. Now how can you resist thaaaaaat face?! Easy... 'cause if you give in, you've lost the war, lol, and a PACK of hungry dogs will descend upon you.

Today I had my weekly painting class. We're working on the Holly Hanley piece titled Happy Holidays. It's of little bears inside glass Christmas balls. Too cute.

The glass ball effect is done with Triple Thick brush-on varnish as the last step on the balls. You can also use the Glossy Accents by Ranger (a scrapbooking medium) and this will give a raised glass effect. I think the DecoArt Clear Glass Stain might also work (and maybe even the Texture Glass). It's amazing how many "different", but the "same" products there are. I will try the Glass Stain to see if it'll also work and report back here and to my class.

~ Shelley

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