Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hyped, hyper, hyperactive...

He's home, lol. And in the door like a whirlwind.

Bouncing is an understatement. My 18 year old, in his words, is "hyped".

Did he have a good day? Sure. Why are you so "hyped"? Two free energy drinks, one after the other he says. Oh, boy... and I'm home alone with him. Think I'd like to smack whoever is handing out "free" energy drinks and hooking our children [chuckle].

Is he hungry? Nope, just real thirsty. He also had 3 huge slices of pizza at the cafeteria. Geesh.

Bounce, bounce, bounce some more. Not sure if my house structure can handle this. He's not a small child anymore.

More rapid-fire information about his day. Not sure I caught all of it, but, hey, he's communicating. New hard-drive (part of the course and fees we already handed over); he's one of the youngest, if not "the" youngest in most of his courses - says that's "weird" and he feels so much smarter, lol; they couldn't put hard-drives together - he's feeling superior, lol; squirrels fighting (not sure if this was the energy drink talking, lol - no actually, saw a squabble between 3 of the little furry fiends on site while waiting between classes. An interesting and notable part of his day obviously, lol); number of pages he can print per term and being careful not to leave your account logged on so others don't "use your quota" ...

So... I asked him about the t.v. Geesh, maybe I shouldn't have, should've just pretended I was too sore to get up and could he just turn it on for me, lol. Huge "hyped" explanation of "the box" being on and the t.v. not and how you can trick it by covering the remote and pushing buttons or push the buttons manually on the t.v. and/or the box and... just turn the t.v. on for me pretty please [chuckle].

Then I got a lesson on the different parts of the hard-drive and cables and power supply and... testing me on what types of cables (sata and usb and...) and transferring capabilities and... And oh ya, the math is going to be a cakewalk (ya... right).

Okay, ya, my head is spinning, lol. But I love the little (big) guy. Oh ya... he's been home for the better part of an hour now and hasn't stopped... talking or moving, lol. He's walking back and forth, to and fro, up and down... and the volume. No kill switch, lol.

See what you're missing hubby? You owe me. Love ya and miss ya!

~ Shelley

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