Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jury's in

Well, as I said I would do, I did some "homework", lol. I experimented with the DecoArt Glass Stain and the Ranger Glossy Accents.

I haven't finished my painted piece yet. Not 'til next week. But I thought I should try the different "glass" effects I had before I experimented on my finished piece.

So... to get the "glass ball" effect, I've decided that the Ranger Glossy Accents or the Triple Thick Brush-on will work best for what I need it for (the clear Christmas balls that the little bears are inside on Holly Hanley's Happy Holidays design).

The clear Glass Stain by DecoArt worked, but... it is very liquidy (is that a real word, lol?) so you cannot move the piece AT ALL until it sets up. However, it is also very flexible, so on canvas or another surface that had some "give", it wouldn't crack. That could be an advantage.

The Glossy Accents by Ranger is thicker and sets-up faster so isn't as temperamental. It gives a more 3D effect. However, when dry, if you flex the piece (I experimented on thick paper), it will crack. This could pose a problem on canvas. However, I will be using the product on a wood surface.

The advantage with both the above products over the DecoArt Texture Glass and Triple Thick is that they are self-levelling and can be used directly from the nozzle of the paint bottle and the area just "swooped" across and filled in. The Texture Glass and Triple Thick must be brushed on and are less forgiving if you over-work them.

So... for this particular piece, I would say that the Glossy Accents by Ranger or the Triple Thick are clear winners because of their more 3D effect and less inclination to "slide" and move once applied to the area you want the desired effect. I'll try the Texture Glass at a later date.

~ Shelley

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