Monday, September 7, 2009

Me complain?

My friend called to tell me she fixed the problem I was complaining about.

Me complain? Not normally, so I was a tad confused (okay, confused is a normal state for me... more confused?).

So... I asked if I'd really been so bad and negative. She said "no" but I should now be happy and don't you get it yet? Hmmmm.

More clues followed (you'd have to know this friend - her blondness and my confused state mightn't be considered a reasonable combination, lol). Was she being "clear"? Hello... I'm calling you?


Oh! The phone! She got a new phone!? Well, yes... 'cause I complained. No, I didn't I said, I'd just tell her to stay still and stop moving when she called so I could hear her through the static [chuckle].

All good things come to those who wait. Or something to that effect. I was reminded of yesterday's above conversation when said friend called to say she was running late for our scrapbook craft time. She asked again "how she sounded", lol.

So... we had set a time of 2 pm so we could both get some things done around the house on this warm summer day (ya... I said summer, 'cause that's what it finally feels like). Needless to say, she called just after 2 to say she got sidetracked and asked if I ever had one of those days. Always, Karen, always. We're two peas in a pod, lol.

So, Karen arrived, two dogs in tow for their playdate with mine while we played with scrapbook papers. She also, considerate and thoughtful soul that she is, brought me one of her larger suitcases to use this week. Yes! Now I can pack the extra supplies I need for the booth.

We spent a delightful afternoon choosing papers for the small album she wanted to make for her son's grad. I'd picked up a BoBunny Word Album "Grade" and we just removed the "E". I'd re-printed, cropped and re-sized some pictures that I had borrowed from her quite a while ago and she had a grand time cutting up and using just 'bout EVERYone for the album, lol. In between her apologizing for "taking up my time" [GEESH! It was SOOOO nice just to sit and visit and not feel I HAD to do anything - sometimes we just try to do too much and fit too much in], we visited and laughed and caught up on life. She really is one of the nicest people I know.

Well, by the end of the afternoon, Karen had a totally awesome, complete album to either keep for herself , or as I told her, give to her son on "permanent loan", lol. She was thrilled and I think she'd do this again. I know I would.

~ Shelley

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