Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wait 'til your ... son (?!) gets home?!

The t.v. hates me. Electronics hate me. What happened to the good ol' days when you actually went up to the instrument of torture in question and just hit a button and ... voila, it magically came to life?

We have a new(ish) t.v. Ya, some bells and whistles. The darn H.D. box etc. and ... it's temperamental. I was quite happy pre-cable/digital t.v. and with only channels 1 thru 20. Now we can jump to 500 and get full screen (I'm also quite happy with little black vertical bars on either side of the screen, lol. Just blends in with the colour of the frame). Sometimes it needs to be finessed, sometimes... it just needs a man, to understand all those fancy buttons and commands on the remote, lol.

Today is one of those times.

Now... those that know me, know I hardly ever turn the t.v. on, but when I want to... I want it now. All I wanted to do was watch the news while I cooked dinner, but no, it wouldn't oblige me. So... here I sit and wait for my son to come home from his first very loooooong day at college. I'll try not to let the first words outta my mouth be... fix the t.v. (please). I'll try to ask him how his day was and if I can get him some dinner...

So, meanwhile, I'll just make my dinner and go upstairs to the t.v. without bells and whistles and hope it turns on.

~ Shelley

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