Saturday, September 19, 2009

And then there were... SEVEN!

Yup... SEVEN shelties in my house.

Dusty and Holly have come for their getaway whilst their parents jet-away to Paris for a special holiday.

So now I have 4 senior dogs in the house. Should be interesting trying to call them in from the great outdoors. Some of it's selective hearing as they do tune us out when they're wanting some extra freedom, but most of it is the effects of the aging process as certain sounds aren't as audible to them anymore. Betcha I won't have a problem calling them for dinner tho', lol.

Both of the visiting dogs are sweeties (as are their owners) and have been coming here since they were pups. Dusty is just a goofy male. Nothing bugs him as he lumbers his way around and under your hand for petting. Holly is the "princess" and expects the respect due her station, lol. She is also a master manipulator. As a young pup that we were weaning, she went on a food strike. As the rest of her littermates were chowing down on mash, she was figuratively crossing her arms and refusing anything but good ol' mom. She ended up literally making herself sick at about 5 weeks old. I was thunderstruck and after checking her over couldn't believe where my thoughts were going... a weanling actually "thinking" and "on strike"? A quick visit to the vet and a goodly bill later showed nothing wrong... my instincts WERE correct!... just stubbornness... a sign of things to come, lol.

To this day, you cannot make her do anything she doesn't want. When her owners are present, she is glued to them and she will shake and give a look that says "don't leave me". Guilts them she does. They leave and the sunny disposition comes out and she becomes my shadow, my bud. The other dogs are just nuisances and silly to her way of thinking. She literally lifts her nose and looks down on them as they run and play and do their antics. Funny Holly.

The two visitors are so good and so used to life here that we don't even notice the increase in numbers 'til you try to maneuver your way around them to get the remote control [grin].

I took a pic of all of 'em on the back steps. Sun was too bright so they're a little "squinty-eyed", lol. It's just the best spot to "tier" them for photos.

~ Shelley

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