Saturday, December 26, 2009

December in review

Whew, I have been negligent in posting (as pointed out by my wonderful husband) and thought I'd try to make a synopsis of the month. December just zoomed by me.

After fighting with my surface, I completed the Bobbie Takashima Santa for my husband's secretary. I am quite pleased with it. It's a lovely piece. I had problems (again) with the mdf surface and the JoSonja paints. I'm thinking it's the "type" of mdf. I liken the particular piece to masonite. The paint seemed to stay active and just "slide" despite glazing layers etc. (I had this same problem in June with a piece on the same type of surface that I did with Sharon McNamara Black). It finally cured and I completed and varnished the piece. Apparently the recipient loved it. Gives me a nice glow. Now to finish my own, lol.

My youngest went to a work party. Imbibed a little too much... again. Picture a young bull moose ping-ponging up the driveway and into the house, lol. Needless to say, his dad and I had little sympathy when he was a little green the next morning and talking to the commode, lol. We just relayed that we hoped this wouldn't become a habit and was just a "rite of youthful passage".

Held a full turkey dinner for my painting group executive members. We had a great time. I gave them each personalized brush roll-ups and a collapsible water bucket and they gifted me with a most awesome giftcard to the art store, DeSerres. Yippee Skippee! I love an excuse to go shopping!

I had a card making day for a couple friends and we made the TriShutter cards and had lunch and fun catching up.

Mother-in law will be 80 on New Year's Day so with the help of my sister-in-law, we prepared a couple of display boards of pictures and then I created a small album with the pictures and it can be added to with family pictures and photos from the planned party. Hope she likes it.

Christmas shopping took up a good part of the month. A lot of fruitless trips and searches, but ultimately success and everyone had a great day. Especially me...

My husband SPOILED me (again). No complaints. I love it. He is the most caring, generous, thoughtful, loving guy I know. He's mine. I say all this not because I know he will read this, but because it is true.

My very SPECIAL, FAVOURITE gift? He created a book from one of the online book creators. The theme? My beloved shelties through the years with little captions throughout. Wow. I was so touched. It is beautiful and a real treasure - for what it holds and for the thought that went into this touching, priceless gift. Wow. Yes, hubby is a keeper.

Of course I received other gifts, charms for my bracelet, Trans-Siberian Orchestra CD's (love the instrumental music), scrapbooking stuff, battery operated Ott-Light, magazines, giftcards, toiletries, a cool red high heel tape dispenser, chocolate... a lot more goodies.

My youngest gave me a McDonald's giftcard and a really cute little welcome dog figurine. My oldest gave me a small replica of the Roman Coliseum (he and his girlfriend visited Rome in early December) and a beautiful sheltie figurine. He went over the top and both my boys were so thoughtful.

We had dinner with my parents and brother and his family and my aunt at a downtown restaurant. That way no one has kitchen duties and we can go back to my parents for coffee and a leisurely gift exchange and more visiting.

Of course a couple days were taken up with grooming dogs (visiting dogs - a "tad" bit of hair, lol), driving my neighbour to her radiation treatments, visiting friends, giving my parents' cats their "pedicure" , visiting family, baking cookies for home and hubby's work, doctor appointments...

The dogs got dressed up by my youngest (ya, I know he's 18 but...). Not sure they were completely happy about it but they were good sports and one is still roaming the house with a "jingle" collar on. Poor things.

So... that is a little bit (well, okay... a lot) of the last few weeks. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and wishing you all the very best for a happy and blessed New Year.

~ Shelley

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