Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dog day afternoon

Well, it started innocently enough. I'd planned to get some painting done (I'm a class behind as I missed last week and am painting a Bobbie Takashima Santa), laundry and start cleaning up the diningroom from my cardmaking extravaganza (okaaaay... CHAOS, lol).

However, I've been experiencing some computer problems and decided I better download and offload a whackload of files and extraneous "stuff". Holy hannah that takes time. Did I tell you I've always hated "filing"? Well, it rates right up there.

So, the dogs, sensing I was not going to play, pet or otherwise entertain them, settled in at my feet. Three literally touching and two on the soft couch. Yup, right couch potatoes they are. The pic shows Molson in his favourite position. Totally lacking in any inhibitions, lol. That's our Molson.

The mailman brought a welcomed s'prise for me! Yup, my stamps from Impression Obsession! Yippee skippee! They're awesome. However did I miss that company? I got three chickadees and a various assortment of Christmas stamps. Super price, super service and super product. I'm a happy camper. Cards tomorrow after painting class!

~ Shelley

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  1. That's too cute! Love the cards! Hey I want a tole friends tag link for my blog tooo! :(

    Enjoyed your posts, hoping everythings fine in your part of the world.