Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Do ya think a winter coat might've helped?

12:10 a.m. phone rings. It's my eldest. He's finished work and "closed" and ready to go home (he lives on his own). Bus hasn't come. He's freezing, says he feels like an ice cube, lol. I believe him. It's -27 degrees celsius and dropping. Nevermind the "windchill". Where are you, I say, and I'll come pick you up and take you home. Really? he says. And he called me because...?

So, I get dressed and off I go to pick him up. He's shivering in the bus shelter and looking rather pathetic, and yes, like an ice cube. He's wearing a thin hoodie over his t-shirt and jeans. No hat, no gloves, no boots, no winter coat. Where's your coat? At home, he says. He didn't think he'd be that cold or standing outside for any length of time. Geesh. Youth.

He warms up quickly in the car as the heat is on full, I take him home through the whited out night (visibility sometimes dangerously low due to all the blowing snow and the moisture icing over on the roads) and he's happy. Thanks, Mom. Yup, I'd do it again.

~ Shelley

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