Thursday, October 1, 2009

OhHungry!?... OhDusty!!

I should've known. Should've thought. But... hindsight is 20/20, lol.

It's one of two dogs. Princess Holly or "Hoover" Dusty. I vote on the latter [chuckle]. However, you've seen their pics, how could I point a finger at either of those sweeties, lol?

When I go out, I separate the dogs. Too much house to play in. Too many windows to bark at. Too much chance to have a little skirmish and I not be here to intercede (this I am thinking of our "golden" dog, Whisper. Her nickname is "Grumpy". She likes her space and doesn't discriminate between her "own flock" or visitors and she sure as shootin' doesn't care if they're "old and hearing impaired" and don't hear her initial warning to clear out, lol).

So... my crew get the crates in the basement. Hunter is allowed house privileges (she's old enough now she goes to a corner - usually right behind the front door so we can't "sneak in", lol - and sleeps). Visitors get locked into the familyroom/kitchen area. All is happy and my house is in one piece.

Fast forward to greeting time. Guests first. Unlock the glass bi-fold door and... hello, what's this? The potato bin which houses the dog food is in the middle of the kitchen floor. Oh, no, hopefully Dusty and Holly didn't bang into it and hurt themselves while playing.

Closer inspection, as I slide it back against the end cupboard, shows some telltale nail and tooth marks. What?! This bin has been in the same spot with the same contents for nigh onto 11 years. It has been through puppies, visiting dogs, my crew... even Dusty and Holly.

Geesh. Guess I better feed those dogs... after I sand the damage on the potato bin, lol.

And oh, ya... the rubbermaid container filled with peanuts for the Blue Jays that I keep at the backdoor? We've moved it back to it's spot countless times since our "guests" arrived. We've just "assumed" that Holly and Dusty aren't used to navigating it when they look out the backdoor. Hello? What was I thinking? Picked it up, again, skittered across the floor and yes, there too are telltale teeth marks. Poor starving dogs (ya right).

~ Shelley

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