Thursday, October 1, 2009

Glass Stain, Triple Thick, Glossy Accents...

Done. My piece is done and my experimenting is done. I'm a happy camper.

Let me share what I found.

In a previous post, I told you that I tested (on a very small area), the Glossy Accents by Ranger and the clear Glass Stain by DecoArt. For the 3D effect I wanted and needed, the Glossy Accents was a clear (no pun intended) winner.

So... I quickly painted up a couple of smaller pieces with an element of the design I was painting on a larger surface. I just didn't want to take a chance on messing up something I was taking more time on and wanting to display.

I used the Glossy Accents by Ranger on one of the doorknob hangers and Triple Thick brush-on varnish by DecoArt on the other.

The Glossy Accents was much easier to apply. Just used the nozzle on the squeeze bottle and spread it in using the nozzle to push it around. This medium stays put. I used a toothpick to pop any large bubbles. It dried well. There were a few small bubbles that appeared throughout, but they seemed to "add" to the glass effect.

The Triple Thick varnish is, in my opinion, a pain to apply with a brush. It is not forgiving and very "sticky". It needed a couple applications. Both products are self-levelling and so no "hills or valleys" appear. However, in comparing the two doorknob hangers, the Triple Thick application is much "clearer" then the Glossy accents application which has a yellowish tinge to it when they're side-by-each.

So... I hemmed and hawed 'bout what to do to my main piece. Yellow tinge that may or may not be noticeable, but will be an easy application and definitely give me the 3D effect I'm after; or clearer, "flatter", less 3D effect with the unforgiving, pain-to-apply Triple Thick?

Okay... I want to try something... I liked the clearer, less bubbled glass appearance, but I really wanted a 3D effect. What to do? Experiment, again, on my "good" piece, lol.

I used the Triple Thick varnish directly from the little 2 oz squeeze bottle (no nozzle) and "poured" it onto my "glass" Christmas balls (with trepidation, lol). Started in the centre and swirled out then took a little toothpick and kinda putzed and played and pushed it to the edges. It's thick. It worked fine that way and actually better than brushing it on and gave a more 3-D effect like the Glossy Accents 'cept a lot clearer. I had problems with one of the 3 "ornaments" on my piece when the Triple Thick got a mind of it's own (okay, I over applied it!) and ran out of the area I wanted it to stay put in, but I pushed it back with some cotton swabs.

Let it dry overnight and I must say, experiment is a success and I'm well-pleased. I don't think I will ever brush-apply this particular varnish again, lol.

~ Shelley

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  1. Shelley, you are so right about the Triple Thick being unforgiving. But I do like the fact that I can use it on glass after I have painted with acrylic and it blends in so well with the glass. I also like how it softens the look of what I have painted. Your pieces are darling, your painting is beautiful.