Thursday, October 22, 2009

Too much time on my hands?

So... I was still thinking about all the mediums, including the "new" ones, that can make a glass-like texture/technique. Figured I should pull them out and play with them and see if they were all created equal, lol.

So... with that in mind, I pulled out the following mediums and applied them left to right onto some black cardstock:

1) Rebecca Baer's Clearly Elegant Stencil Gel
2) OmniGel (Speedball)
3) DecoArt Texture Glass
4) Golden Regular Gel (Matte)
5) DecoArt Glass Stain (clear)
6) Ranger Glossy Accents
7) DecoArt Triple Thick brush on varnish

The first pic is taken immediately after I applied each to the cardstock. As you can see, most took to the stencil quite well, all except the Glass Stain - too liquidy and it ran. It really needs to be "contained" in some leading or DecoArt Squiggle Writer (comes in gold, silver and bronze) or DecoArt Craft Twinkles in the writer format.

The OmniGel, Glass Stain, Ranger Glossy Accents and Triple Thick come in squeeze bottles. The Glass Stain and Glossy Accents with nozzles, the Triple Thick and OmniGel with pop tops. They work well for spreading. However, the Triple Thick also worked well with a palette knife.

The Rebecca Baer Stencil Gel, Texture Glass and Golden Gel all come in wide-mouth jars and are much thicker and "pastier" and must be applied with a palette knife.

All products dried clear and glossy. The Golden Gel I had dried with a matte finish (as was to be expected as I have the "matte gel" - duh, lol).

The Ranger Glossy Accents and Triple Thick have a more 3D "rounded" look.

So... for stenciling, the Rebecca Baer Stencil Gel, OmniGel and Texture Glass are all similar. The Golden Gel in matte is perfect too... just a different look. The DecoArt Glass Stain isn't any good for stenciling and the Glossy Accents and Triple Thick would be great if you want a more raised look, but not for stenciling for a background (least for me). None of the mediums buckled the paper. The Glossy Accents and Triple Thick were great for the Holly Hanley bears in the clear Christmas decorations. They'd also be good to highlight/magnify a special word or letter on a scrapbooking page.

Okay, experimented concluded [grin].

~ Shelley

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