Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The possibilities are endless, lol!

I've been playing with DecoArt Texture Glass. It is a relatively new product; however similar to some others already on the market (Omni Gel, Ranger Glossy Accents, Close To My Heart Glassy Accents, Triple Thick, Clear Glass Stain, Rebecca Baer's Clearly Elegant Stencil Gel... and YES, I think I have ALL of them, lol).

The Texture Glass is great for tone on tone stenciling. You do your project, place the stencil where you desire, take a palette knife and sweep the Texture Glass (or other product) across the stencil - at this point, you can sprinkle some diamond dust or glamour dust or other glimmer product if you like - carefully lift up stencil and let dry and it will dry clear, letting the underneath colour shine through. It works great on paper, too. What I like to do with it is stencil on cards. Tone on tone; glimmer and glitz added; OR take the DecoArt Glass Stains and after sweeping the Texture Glass across the stencil, drop glass stain colours here and there on top, then sweep your palette knife across and swirl and mix the colours of the glass stains very lightly, lift your stencil and let dry. When dry, it looks a little like stained glass...

I've attached a photo of a piece of watercolour paper I've been playing on. I used a "bug" stencil I had and had fun playing with it making different colour combinations. The bottom butterfly in the second column had some glitter sprinkled over the Texture Glass. The butterfly and dragonfly just above that one are just plain Texture Glass so have dried clear and the white watercolour paper is seen through. The others all had the Glass Stains (red, green and purple - more to come, lol) dripped onto the Texture Glass and then swirled. Fun. And it doesn't buckle the water colour paper.

The Texture Glass is stunning used by itself as a stenciled background over an already basecoated surface. Just enough of a texture that it adds depth to a piece.

~ Shelley

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