Thursday, November 5, 2009

Noooooo, I can't believe I did THAT!

Yup, unbelievable but true. Hanging my head in shame here. I bought two new brushes today.

Why would I hang my head in shame? Well, because I vowed another brush would not walk across the threshold of my home. Why? Well, because I admit, I am a Brush-aholic. Yup. Probably should find myself a 12-step program.

I do NOT need anymore brushes. I'm working for a lady (Willow) who can supply me with just about every brush imaginable and then some. And has, lol. But... sadly, I was swayed. Gullible? Not likely. But someone whom I respect very much, Lydia Steeves, told us we'd be sorry if we did NOT try to find an Ultra-Round brush by Loew Cornell to do our next week's project with. We are starting a Lynne Andrew's piece and from what I've heard/read, with Lynne's technique, we really would be frustrated with trying to make some of our other multitude of brushes behave the way the Ultra-Round does.

Sigh... I know she's (Lydia) right, but it just irks me to think that I just couldn't make one of my other brushes "do the deed", and felt the need to cave [chuckle]. Oh well, I'm sure I'll be much happier with the learning of the techniques if I start off with the correct tools of the trade. Shhhhh, you don't have to tell on me do you?

~ Shelley

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