Thursday, November 12, 2009


Sadly, I've allowed myself to be pulled in too many directions this last couple weeks. Nothing earth-shattering or bad, but just lots of 'stuff. Something had to give. It was my 'puter, lol.

I'm still attempting to make sense of my cluttered craft table. I did have a rather large space cleared; however, it quickly got filled with more "stuff". Solution: need another cabinet. It's on the agenda for this week. But you know what happens; more space = more stuff to fill it, lol. I'll keep you posted. 'Course, the hubby doesn't help. He complains about my collections however, he continues to feed my passion. Case in point: down to Watertown for a day trip and he says let's go to Michael's. I say I don't "need" anything. Kindly takes me there anyway and uses my coupons to buy me more paper. Geesh. Love him! Of course, now I've taken over the diningroom table to make some Christmas cards, but am having a ball!

Kidney stone attack (we think). Lasted 3 hours and of course I decided to tough it out knowing the E.R.'s would be full to the brim of people thinking they had H1N1, etc. Left me weak as a puppy and begging for mercy, lol. Still have some lingering pain (kinda limited my staying in anyone spot for a few days, thus not much 'puter time, crafting time or anything time, lol) but it's abated and I have an abdominal ultrasound scheduled and prescription and finger shaking to up my fluid intake, lol (doctor and hubby nagging me, lol). No biggie. And life goes on.

Guild meeting and elections and we have a few newbies on our Board and I get to sit back and play Past-Pres in the new year. Yippee Skippee. Still a few "holes" to fill on our Board, but we'll just muddle along. We, too, suffer from a shrinking membership and a few-too-many who want a group but don't want to "serve". Sign of the times and we just have to be inventive and try to attract new members. Those that are there tho' are very supportive and want to be there and it is a wonderful atmosphere. Baby steps. I will be teaching Willow's Cockatoo to my guild in February at our paint-in and look forward to this. I've only ever taught "strangers" in a small shop, so am a little nervous, but... I look forward to this and will have fun.

I've had another couple meetings with people the last couple weeks (minutes to write and newsletter update for our painting guild to do) and an evening card party that I prepared for and hosted and went beautifully. Couple more card events to come. Christmas luncheon for our painting group and then I want to host one for just the Board members.

Then I've been trying to fit in painting between all this cardmaking and other goings on. Wow, see what I mean 'bout being pulled in a few too many directions?

And of course there is family "stuff" going on, birthdays, doctor appointments... Isn't there always.

And hubby is currently on holidays for a couple weeks so we're having together time which rules out me sitting at the 'puter talking to everybody for any stretch. Between just "together time", day trips, home projects and yard work (did I tell you our weather has been unseasonably awesome?)... well, I know you understand.

Plus... when I do make time to do crafting or organizing in between all this and WANT to take my 'puter with me... I cannot. Grrrr. Something has changed on our 'puter network and for some reason it won't recognize my 'puter if I want to go wireless so can't bring it to my craft area or anywhere else in the house other that hardwired at the kitchen table. Haven't wanted to burden hubby with another 'puter "woe", lol. This is not a bad thing (for me), lol, because I'm trying to strike a balance of not spending all my waking hours, while at home, on this dang thing. It's an addiction and I obviously have an addictive personality (and/or I'm a born procrastinator and waster of time, lol).

So... off I go for some laundry and... cardmaking. What else, lol?

~ Shelley


  1. Hi Shelley,
    Lovely blog! I just want to thank you for stopping by my blog, "Phindy's Place" during the OWH bloghop and for your nice comment.
    I hope you will drop by again.
    All the best,
    Phindy :^)