Friday, November 6, 2009

I couldn't stand it anymore, lol!

What?! Snowshoe feet! They don't belong on shelties. And they sure-as-shootin' don't belong on them in mucky, wet, cold, damp, leafy fall (or sticky snowball making winter, or muddy spring... not as big a problem in Summer, but...).

Well, almost two weeks ago now, 5 dogs plus the visitor for grooming got trimmed up. Whew, what a big improvement and nicer-for-my-house. It was worth the blood, sweat and tears (dogs, lol) and muscle aches and pains.

So today I have a couple extra four-legged guests. Their family is on a road-trip and not sure if they'll be gone a few hours or if something will pique their interest and it'll be an overnighter. No biggie. Sally is old. Older than my oldest sheltie by a year and a bit. So that makes her 15. And she's an old 15 so she just hobbles into a corner and sleeps like a log. Only waking up when the food bowls come out [grin]. Cooper is the youngster of the bunch. He's three and just a goof. His manners are impeccable in the house but when he gets outside, well, he just rips around and be-danged for anything or anydog to get in his way 'cause he'll just bulldoze it down with a big, sloppy grin on his face.

But it's damp outside. And he came complete with... snowshoes on his feet, lol. I know his owners think it's cute, but he's in my house, lol, so I took artistic license 'cause darned if the first go-see outdoors didn't bring in a multitude of unwelcome s'prises on those big hairy feet. He was patient as could be but decided he was going to lie down and not move (thus not the easiest to manipulate the scissors around the foot [chuckle]) while I did the deed then trimmed his nails.

So... now I'm happy. My house gets less of the outside in and Cooper got a big treat. We'll leave Sally alone 'cause she doesn't move enough to bring anything in, lol, although she'll get her nails trimmed later.

Wonder if his family will notice? Wonder if I'll be blacklisted? [VBEG]

~ Shelley

Sally (lying down) and Cooper (headshot)

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