Saturday, August 21, 2010

School's starting

Good news! My oldest has made the decision to go to college! We've been asking him
since he moved out if he wouldn't like to go back to school and get some kind of degree or certificate and invest in his future. We said we'd help. Well, it's been two years and he made the decision... two weeks ago, lol. Yup. College starts in a couple more weeks and he decided now, lol.

He seems committed to going back and has chosen Business Administration. It won't be a cake walk but I know he can do it if he wants to. He's very, very smart. So... what did hubby and I do on this first week of his holidays from work? Paid for school for both our sons and the books. Argh. Oh well, it's an investment in their futures.

This is our youngest's second and final year. He's doing Internet Application and Web Development. My own techie right here at home, lol.


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