Sunday, August 22, 2010

Anniversaries and scrapping

Well, my anniversary is on the 28th of August. I didn't have time to create a card for my better half before I went to Columbus, Ohio for the HOOT convention. I'd really like to make one and/or a small album. One problem... hubby is on holidays and we do EVERYthing together.

I finally put together a small album for Willow's daughter, Nya, from June of this
year when I went to Winnipeg for Willow's Certification. Nya borrowed my camera (as she did last year in Edmonton when Willow brought her to the PIA - Paint-in Alberta - painting convention) and took pictures of us when we went out to our celebratory dinner at the end of the week. She's a fun little girl (8 years old). Quick and smart and precocious (in a good way). I just have to write a few things in the little album then I'll mail it to her as I'm sure she'd be more excited to get her own mail then have Mom deliver it ('cause I could wait and bring it to Calgary next month).

Where am I going with this detour in thought? Oh... the anniversary, lol. 28 years. I was hoping that maybe I could putz with something for hubby while putting together something for Nya. Nope. Dan's just too curious and proud of what I do. Not going to be able to slip in another project if I want it to be a surprise. Will have to think of something. I know exactly what I want to do, so it won't take long as the plans are already in my head, but...

I am not going to post this 'til AFTER Saturday. Why? 'Cause the Big Guy reads my blog, that's why!

The best laid plans... heeheehee. Will keep you posted.


August 27, 2010 Update: Have been able to sneak in a titchy bit of time to work on my "plans" (when my better half was at his Slot Car Night - whew, lol), BUT I only needed another hour or so to finish. Thought I'd do it this afternoon when he had a nap... NOPE. Guess where he decided to nap? On the livingroom sofa! Grrrr. My project is on the diningroom table right beside the livingroom. Oh well, lol.

Midnight on the 27th heeheehee... Hubby has gone to bed. I decided mid-evening that I HAD to work on my project. He KNEW I was up to something and it was like Christmas when he knows I'm wrapping in "plain sight" stuff for him but he won't look, lol, and he tiptoes around. Oh well. I had fun and now I can post 'cause by the time he reads this, he'll have my gift to him in his hot little hands. I made a Swing Card and a Paperbag Album with pictures of the two of us and love quotes.

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