Monday, August 16, 2010

Of flowers, charms and especially CHARMERS!

EXHAUSTED! EX-haus-TED! Hit the proverbial wall, lol. Back from HOOT (Heart of Ohio Tolepainters painting convention) and had all good intention of trying to do some updates, but... just no time and when I did have a few minutes that I could nab my 'puter I only had energy to "talk" to my DH (dear hubby) and that was it. Will update later. For now...

My trip back was, of course, eventful - Murphy's Law, lol. It was long (not as long as some, obviously, travelling by car to far destinations - some of my returning friend's were about a 12 hour drive), but a simple plane hop turned into a bit of an adventure. It was only a 1/2 hour plane from Ohio to Detroit. Didn't bother to check out duty free 'cause it was in another terminal and no shuttles to the different terminals (am so going to try to go thru Philly again next year - they have shuttles!) so I thought to heck with it... far too much walking and rushing with extra carry-ons. Had about an hour and a half between flights. Of course, they'd oversold my flight and then also had a weight alert/restriction 'cause of full fuel tanks and amount of people and luggage. Asked for volunteers and they'd give chits to be used on another flight. Not interested 'cause might never take with this airline again and has to be used within the year anyway. Think two volunteers came forward and everyone else wanted to go home. So... they decided to just pull luggage and decide who was not going to be permitted on the flight. Yup, my name and luggage got pulled along with 7 others. So I was not permitted to line-up.. they'd figure what to do with us later... maybe the 9:30 pm flight if there was room. They continued to re-jig and then I was lucky to finally get on (after plane already 1/2 hour late and I sat in terminal with other "rejects" waiting and hoping, lol). Then... they decided still too heavy after they let on a few more so maybe might have to re-boot some off again. Geesh. Well, they finally decided to dump some fuel so we sat on the tarmack running for another hour. Sigh. Then a further delay 'cause of storms. Got in close to 6 pm ('bout 2 hours later then it should've been) ... a long day. But I hate flying, lol. I get sick and nauseous and clammy. Nothing to do with the "fear of crashing" or anything like that... probably because of the pressure change, re-circulated air (or not... when you're sitting on the tarmack and the air isn't on full, grrrr) and my motion sickness. Feel like a limp dishrag.

Oh ya... all this was after I sat on the floor in the Columbus International Terminal and dumped and re-jigged my checked baggage to my computer bag (thank gawd my dad gave me his 'cause he didn't like that it was so big, lol) and little carry-on luggage with my booth supplies that were left. Hee hee, had to get rid of 10 lbs! Tubes of oil, modelling paste and stuff kinda weigh a lot more than you think heehee. Thank heavens I'd emptied my suitcase of stuff I no longer needed and sent it home with a
couple of friends travelling by car. Whew, lol!

My sweetheart met me at the airport with a bouquet of flowers, a new charm (a plane!) and an offer to take me out for a light dinner. Ahhhhh. He's a keeper. Told him that he shouldn't keep doing this 'cause maybe I'd find more times to go away to capitalize heehee. Rolled into bed at 10 pm after fighting to try to stay awake that last hour from 9 and don't think I've ever fallen asleep THAT fast. Don't remember even dreaming and didn't wake up 'til close to 9 am and now I'm on a snail's pace. It's amazing where I found the energy to go, go, go this week, lol. You just do when you hafta. I love coming home to my Better Half. My gawd he makes me feel like a million bucks and that I'm so valued. Sigh. Yes, I'm a lucky woman.


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