Friday, July 24, 2009

What I've been up to this week

Well, there is a bridal shower for my niece this weekend. It will be a "gift card" shower. So, not a lot of colour and different shapes and sizes of gifts, lol. Just flat plastic. A good idea, but I wanted to add something a little different.

So... I thought I'd just "throw" together a little book that I could put my gift card in. I made a Bridal Shower Brag Book. Leslie's "colours" are to be burgundy (I think she called it some sort of red wine, but I don't remember which one, lol) and plum. I created a "flag book" with space enough for a minimum of 15 pics (more if you don't write captions on the back of each "flag") and two pages with pockets in them at the front and back and a list inside the front and back covers to record gifts (in this case, a lot of gift cards, lol... but I'm sure she'll have at least one or two more showers).

It was fun being creative. Hope she likes it. I created a card to match.

~ Shelley

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