Saturday, July 18, 2009

She doesn't bite... really!

She just clamps down ... HARD, lol! I mean... look at thaaaaat face?! Not a malicious bone in Shimmer's body - REALLY!

Well, I've got an infected finger joint and been soaking it in antiseptic wash and alternating cold and hot compresses, lol, plus a pretty strong prescription antibiotic ointment. Swelling is finally down enough I've been on the 'puter the last couple hours - was suffering withdrawal as earlier attempts were hunt and peck or working the mouse with my left hand. Hey, have to keep trying to use it, that's also how to work out the swelling. Really.

Was a little concerned when I woke up this morning and saw the tell-tale "blue streak" starting to move up my hand toward my wrist. Hid that well from hubby, lol, as I worked the RICE method and added the heat and soaks. Much better now. Whew. Happened yesterday when my dogs found the splintered steak bones all over the neighbour's lawn (crows got into their garbage) and all of them let me nab them and remove the bones, but one. Shimmer decided to have "lock jaw" on my finger and clamped good (she's just like her great-grandmother was - geesh, trying to give that one a pill or open her mouth if she didn't want was a lesson in futility). Think she thought it was the steak bone and not my finger. She punctured it good. And it hurt like... well, hell! LOL. Had to hide it in my pocket from the little boy who was there so he wouldn't be worried the dogs "bit" (they don't. Really. Normally you can take food right out of their mouthes with nary an incident. But I guess it's just semantics in this case, lol). It was bleeding like crazy and of course I was dirty from gardening... Oh well, turned out to be a good lesson to the neighbours who were going to go out to get a "real" garbage can with a lid to put their garbage bags in.

I can actually see the knuckle now and bend it some and the infection seems to have been stopped in it's tracks. Whew. I can just hear my hubby now... "I told you so" (as he shakes his head and finger at me). Hey, I fixed it didn't I? And I made you Peanut Butter cookies!

~ Shelley

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