Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oil and Water

Actors: Shelley playing "Oil" and watercolour pencils playing "Water"

Setting: Nice, quiet (well... that's debatable, lol) weekly class at the home of Lydia Steeves.

Ya, you know oil and water don't mix. So why praytell do I insist on keeping at it? 'Cause I'm a masochist, lol. No, maybe it's because I don't want to let it defeat me. Yup, that'd be it.

So... out popped my watercolour pencils and we played with "painting" fuschias on cards. Big problem though. I had a packet of blank cards... they were not watercolour safe, lol. My frisket just peeled the paper right off the surface. Argh! Oh well, I had fun putzing with the background colours before I found out that bit of news. No biggie. I'm a sucker for punishment, remember? I will pull out "real" watercolour paper in the next couple of days and start AGAIN, lol.

Will keep you posted. Someday, someday I will putter and play and actual enjoy the watercolours. Actually, when I did a Carol Spohn piece, Cat in Cat, I quite enjoyed it. It was unstructured and fun.

On a positive note... I finished my Rebecca Baer piece - Daisies. It turned out quite well.

~ Shelley

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