Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Chocolate Flowers Oh My!

Brenda Quintana of Qbee's Quest has done it... AGAIN!  Only this time she fooled me.  No Hershey Kisses.

ROLOS!  Altho' I'm really not a chocoholic, I do like the odd Rolo but was really good 'bout not eating 'em all lol.

So slight problem.  In Canada, we can't get bagged, individually wrapped Rolos.  Only unwrapped, in-the-bag, minis or Rolo tubes which aren't individually wrapped either.  What to do?  Well, if I had had an "inkling" I would've looked in the stores when I visited the States last weekend (now on my list lol).  Brenda had an idea to "sacrifice" some Hershey Kisses and use their wrappers.  No sacrifice here lol.  They were gobbled as quickly as they were unwrapped.  So that worked, and so did cutting up the wrapper from the tube of Rolos but I wanted an easier way (well... that would be finding the individually wrapped ones :-/ ).  I found a box of Reynold's foil wrappers.  They're lighter than regular foil and kind of "soft and textured".  I cut them up in about 2-1/4" squares give or take and they worked perfectly.

With a slight change of sentiment, this would make a super hostess gift, birthday gift, Mother's Day, "Just 'cause", Teacher gift or any other occasion you can think of.  I used my Swirly Scribbles die for the centers as I didn't have the Blossom Punch (now on my list 'cause it is PERFECT) and because I was too lazy to go searching for something else "current" that would work (you could use the new circle framelits or other thinlits).

AND I got to use some of that endless stash of retired cardstock and paper!  WooHoo!  Thank you Brenda [wink].

Get your own tutorial here and while you're there... check out the other awesome tutorials.  




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