Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's raining... AGAIN! (and still!)

Thought the song was appropriate. Also, It's Rainin' It's Pouring, lol. Remember that from childhood?

Somewhere, someone announced that we had only 5 dry days during the month of July. Sigh. The 5 dry days were either taken up with indoor activities that had been pre-planned (previously mentioned bridal shower being one, lol) or were also "threatening". Geesh.

I know, we on the East/Central coast shouldn't be complaining as the West Coast has had horrendously dry conditions and even fires in some areas, particularly British Columbia. But gosh darn it, I'd be happy to share some of this rain. It's depressing.

So... I did it. I added something to my stash that I said I wouldn't, lol. Never say never, it'll come back to bite you. My wonderful, awesome husband (and I say that, not just 'cause I know he reads my blog and I need brownie points, but because it's TRUE, every last word) took me shopping at a scrapbook store that was having a half price sale. Of course I had to pick up stuff I DIDN'T need, lol. One of the purchases was a bottle of Glimmer Mist. Remember my post a couple weeks ago 'bout that product? I think I said "it wasn't for me". Well... my excuse was 1) it was half price and 2) I could use this particular colour as a "tea-dye" and antiquing on my paper. Ya right. But that's my story and I'm stickin' to it, lol.

I have a 101 things to do this week. Piles to make disappear, lists to make of what I need to take for the booths at the HOOT Painting Convention, laundry... and number one on my list is to spend time with my husband while he's off work. This I happily do.

Am running a bit of a challenge on the list. Have been offered a packet from and by Carol Forsyth ( and thought I'd award it to the member who "posts the most" for the month of August. Now to keep track of all the posts... WHAT was I thinkin'?!

I'm also hoping to play with the video part of my camera this week. I'd like to start "trying" to put together a few technique videos. Stay tuned, we'll see how that plays out, lol.

~ Shelley

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